2 VACUUM ROLLS VRS 2060 20x600 cm

Convenient and extremely robust – for the modern way of stock keeping

  • Rolls
  • 2 à 20 x 600 cm
  • foils made of food safe 2-layer material
  • maximum protection against freezer burn
  • robust, patented quality, extremely tear-resistant
  • high, direct suction effect due to impressed air ducts
  • best material properties for unbroken, air-tight and firm sealing seams
  • can be heated up to 100 °C, also perfect for sous vide cooking
  • for storage in refrigerator and freezer
  • for heating in hot water and microwave
  • washable (also in the dishwasher) and reusable

Vacuum rolls - keep food fresh for up to 5 x longer - The use of original Rommelsbacher MagicVac foil bag guarantees perfect and fast vacuuming with the Rommelsbacher vacuum sealers. These high-quality vacuum foils are available in bag or roll form in various sizes. The patented 2-layer quality as well as the special ribbing ensure best vacuuming properties. In the bags / rolls food can be stored space-saving and safe from freezer burn in the freezer and then heated in the microwave. They are heat resistant up to 100 ° C, so that food can be heated in a hot water bath. Even for the increasingly popular Sous Vide Garen (vacuum cooking at low temperature), these special bags and rolls are ideal. The robust quality makes an environmentally friendly multiple use possible: simply rinse well and use again and again. In addition to food, other things can also be stored safely in the films: Vacuum protects jewelery from tarnishing, protects sensitive things (eg dressing material or camping supplies) from moisture and dirt. Best material for optimal vacuuming results!

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
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How much foil should be cut off?
How much foil you cut off depends on the size of the food you intend to vacuum-seal. Make sure you always leave enough foil hanging over to insert the end of the bag into the vacuum sealer. If you intend to use the foil multiple times we recommend cutting a bigger piece of foil in the beginning to make re-using the bag easier. Also, when opening the bag, try opening as close to the seam as possible. Are the foils BPA-free?
Yes, the foil bags are made from BPA-free plastic. How much longer is the shelf life of food after being vacuum-sealed in this foil?
The shelf life of vacuum-sealed foods depends on how clean and precise you have been working. On average, you can assume that the shelf life of vacuum sealed food is 5 times longer. More details can be found in the instruction manual of the main appliance.


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