MULTI TOAST & GRILL SWG 700 3-in-1 Max

  • stylish design with stainless steel parts
  • heat-insulated casing
  • separate ON/OFF switch, baking light
  • height adjustment thanks to the flexible hinge
  • space-saving upright storage
  • handy cord take-up
  • safe handling, easy cleaning
  • 3 exchangeable plate sets made of solid die-cast aluminum
  • superior 2-layer non-stick coating Xylan® Plus

Would you like some more? - Here you go! With this 3 in 1 appliance for stuffed sandwiches, crispy waffles Belgian style and tasty grilled food, you will suit all tastes. The three sets of superior die-cast aluminum plates guarantee optimum temperature distribution and thanks to the flexible hinge, the baking/grill surface adjusts perfectly to the processed food. Handy details: The separate ON/OFF switch as well as the baking light with its two pilot lamps facilitates safe and convenient operation. The integrated cord take-up keep things organized when the appliance is stored away. Cleaning is also quite easy since the plates can be removed and are provided with a superior non-stick coating. The Rommelsbacher Multi Toast & Grill – the perfect helper for quick and flexible meals!

Additional Information

Type SWG 700
Product Colour black/stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 700 W
Item weight 2,63 kg
Dimensions 22,50 x 23,00 x 9,00 cm
Removable plates stuffed sandwiches, belgian style waffles, grilled food
Non-stick coating 2-Lagen Xylan® Plus
Material grillplate die-cast aluminum
Special Features 3 exchangeable plate sets made of die-cast aluminium for: - stuffed sandwiches - Belgian style waffles - grilled food
EAN 4001797290007
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
How do I clean the plates? Can they be cleaned in a dishwasher?
Do not put the exchangeable plates in your dishwasher since the dishwasher salt can damage the non-stick coating. The easiest way to clean is to wipe the casing, the inner surfaces of the appliance and both heating elements with a damp, soft cloth. Then, wipe it again with a dry cloth. How do I insert/remove the exchangeable plates?
Inserting/removing your exchangeable plates is very easy. When removing the lower or upper plate, slide the corresponding slide switch of the locking mechanism forward until the plate is unlatched.  Lift the unlatched plate carefully and remove.  When inserting the lower or upper plate, position both retaining pins of the plate in the designated openings in the appliance. If the plate is correctly positioned, press the plate firmly down/up until it clicks into place.


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