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Sesame oil, argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, cold-pressed best, enrich a healthy nutrition. Almond oil and coconut oil are an important component of top-quality natural cosmetics as well. For those who love various oils and value organic quality, ROMMELSBACHER offers the new electric oil press OP 700 Emilio. With “Emilio” everybody can conveniently produce his own individual oil at home. There’s nothing standing in the way of a new diversity: Emilio gently presses small as well as big seeds, kernels, nuts or grains and is the perfect guarantor for a pure, top quality enjoyment. How about self-pressed chia seed oil for your raw salad or hemp seed oil for your natural cosmetic?

The designation “native” (natural) or “cold-pressed” on a bottle of oil is a quality feature. When seeds, kernels of fruits of a plant are pressed out without adding chemicals or heat, aromas, vitamins and nutrients retain in the oil. With “Emilio” from ROMMELSBACHER everybody can very conveniently produce carefully cold-pressed vegetable oils in his own kitchen. In order to be able to produce as many different types of oil, the new electric oil press offers two sturdy conveyer screws made of stainless steel. One for common oil seeds, kernels and nuts and one for very small seeds like chia seed. Up to 700 grams of seeds fit into the removable ingredients container. Emilio produces just the quantity of oil which is necessary for your own use and puts an end to the many opened oil bottles which stand around in the kitchen. Also the ingredients can be combined individually. Those who are allergic to certain ingredients, can omit these quite consciously. As easy as oils can be produced, the appliance can be handled in everyday life. Emilio shuts off automatically when the lid is removed or the ingredients container is empty. If for any reason the screw should be blocking during pressing process, there is a reverse function for release.  In addition the integrated heating cares for the pre-tempering of the pressing units which is necessary for the cold-pressing process. As Emilio can be completely dismantled, the appliance can be easily cleaned. The cable is removable and the oil mill can be simply stored in the refrigerator. Two collecting containers, a strainer as well as a cleaning brush are included in the delivery scope.

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