Very safe, energy-saving, with high ease of use – top technology of German make

  • shapely Softline design
  • suitable for all kinds of pots/pans with ferromagnetic bottom
  • premium induction technology, LED display
  • genuine Schott Ceran® cooking surface: robust and easy to clean
  • 1 cooking zone: 100 – 200 mm Ø, suitable for pots up to 260 mm Ø
  • superior, easy-care casing made of brushed stainless steel
  • well-arranged, separate LED displays for time/temperature/power
  • electronic regulation via touch control sensors
  • 99-minute timer with signal tone, automatic switch-off
  • precise temperature selection in 21 levels from 60 °C to 260 °C
  • power selection in 9 levels
  • extra power boost function for additional power
  • integrated safety functions, indicators for residual heat, standby and operation
  • automatic pot recognition, residual heat indicator, pilot lamp


And here it is, Rommelsbacher’s new induction cooking plate. The principle is well-known: An electromagnetic field does not heat the cooking surface but the pot bottom directly. The temperature is as quickly available as at a gas stove but much safer. The high efficiency saves energy, time and money. It is the perfect addition to the existing stove. The new induction cooking plate offers a power selection in 9 levels. The powerboost function with 2200 W supplies additional performance. The 21 temperature levels ensure a fine adjustment in steps of 10 °C from 60 °C up to 260 °C. This allows for melting chocolate or gentle simmering but also searing. 99-minute timer, integrated safety functions, well-thought-out displays and low-maintenance materials stand for high convenience. Superior technology made in Germany.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type CT 2215/IN
Product Colour black/stainless steel
Material casing stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 2100 W
Item weight 2,49 kg
Dimensions 30,50 x 41,00 x 6,50 cm
Hob-type Induction
Schott CERAN®
Special Features superior, easy-care casing made of brushed stainless steel
EAN 4001797195302
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
Is there noise development during usage?
After switch-on an inside fan starts working, which cools the interior parts of the appliance in order to prevent the appliance from overheating. The fan is an indispensable part of induction technology. Its noises are a normal part operating an induction cooking plates which one should not be disturbed by. It is normal for the fan to continue running in the standby mode after a long operation time. By the way: operating noises coming from free standing induction cooking plates are more noticeable than from a built-in induction hob. What max. /min. diameter does a cooking port have to have?
For optimal usage with this induction cooking plate a pot should have a diameter of between 12 and 26 cm. How can I test whether a pot is suitable for an induction cooking plate or not?
Whether or not a pot is suitable for an induction cooking field can be tested by applying a magnet to it. If the pot´s bottom is magnetic it is suitable. If the magnet does not stick to the bottom the pot cannot be used with an induction cooking plate.


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