Pleasure in COOKING & BAKING


Cooking is “in” again

Cooking & baking have gained a new reputation and a positive status during the the last years.

Cooking has become lifestyle; cookery shows get their broadcast space in the evening program on TV, colorful magazines with recipes and cooking tips are filling the shelves, online recipe libraries, food blogs and cooking apps conquer the digital life.

Anyone cooking and baking for himself has everything under control: freshness of ingredients, quantities, ingredients and taste. This is an important criteria in today’s often unclear world of food.

Puderzucker-Herz-Gänseblümchenzucker-auf Holzuntergrund



Tradition and modernity

Already some time ago, the traditional cooking recipes like roast pork, stew goulash & co. have got delicious competitors. Pulled pork, veggie noodles or colorful curries, just to name some, enrich the menu recently. We like to look behind the plate into the cooking pots of other countries and to try out alternative types of nutrition. Vegetarian and vegan diets have arrived in our food culture, the offer for food and varied recipes is big.

Fantasy has moved into our kitchens and it is all allowed that pleases. New techniques just like Sous-Vide or low-temperature cooking are tried out, but even the conventional techniques just like steaming, blanching, stewing and baking are still a firm component of everday kitchen.

Cooking together with children

Children learn to handle food in a playful way. Time spent together with cooking, roasting, sizzling and baking is fun and teach children a good portion of everyday competence.

Kids enjoy preparing meals together and mostly like to eat them with delight. Cooking together, the teaching of competences while preparing food, followed by eating together at a beautifully-laid table - these are all values and cultural heritage and it pays to invest in passing them on.

Therefore: Cook yourself into happiness!

How much technology really has to be used?

You do not need any complicated cooking appliances or highly technical kitchens to cook healthy and tasty for yourself and your loved ones with pleasure and variety. Also in the smallest kitchen there is enough space. Nevertheless high quality kitchen appliances are a good basis in order to take on with all the colourful recipes of the world.

Whether basic appliances, high-end models or appliances for fun-cooking – the ROMMELSBACHER range of products offers high quality and long-lasting products for every requirement and any preference.



Steam cooker | Preserve vitamins and flavors

This gentle cooking method had its comeback in a special form some years ago: particular multilevel electric steam cookers for preparing different foods at the same time.

The food with the longest cooking time is placed in the lowest level and by and by further levels are put on, containing the more sensitive food.  Even a complete menu can be prepared time saving and with little effort in one step. Fresh salmon is steamed at the bottom level, potatoe wedges above and all on top white asparagus. Steamed food is extremely aromatic and due to the fine original taste needs only little salt and spices. The fact that steam cooking also preserves vitamins is a further advantage of this cooking method.
But also dough can be steamed: whether bread dumplings, sweet steamed noodles or filled yeast dumplings - these delicacies turn out well for certain in our steam cooker.

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Egg boilers | 7 in one sweep

Whether soft-, medium- or hard-boiled – with a ROMMELSBACHER egg boiler your egg is boiled just as you like it the most. In only one cooking session you prepare up to seven boiled eggs at the same time, the degree of hardness can be adjusted individually. With the signal tone the eggs are ready and you can remove them together with the insert, chill, serve and enjoy them. It is very uncomplicated – thus perfect for a relaxed breakfast.

VIew Egg boilers

Built-in hobs | Domino for small kitchens

Just think about it -  how many hobs do you use in your kitchen at the same time? Exactly. Mostly you are using only two heating plates to prepare a complete meal. Thus our built-in-hobs “Made in Germany” are the perfect solution for all singles kitchen, offices and holiday apartments having only little space on the kitchen worktop.

You can integrate our built-in hobs into every kitchen worktop and connect it to a regular domestic socket.  Our proven range includes models with cast-iron cooking plates as well as models with Schott Ceran© hob. It’s your choice.

VIew Built-in hobs

Mini kitcheners | Allrounders in the smallest spaces

Our compact mini kitcheners are not only the ideal little helpers for singles and students, they also come out big in the office or holiday home - just everywhere where there is only little space available. Prepare the side dishes on the cooking plates while the roast is stewing in the oven: actually you can not only cook and bake with our mini kitcheners, but also roast, grill and keep food warm.

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Cooking plates | Double feature, mixed double or rather solo?

Quite to your liking. Just combine several cooking plates to a multiple cooking field or use indidvidual models variably outdoors, in your hobby room or for keeping food warm at the table.

Our wide assortment of cooking plates from our own production are rating from the smallest automatic cooking plate worldwide to the high-end model with Ceran© glass and induction technology. Whether with stainless steel, plastic or enamel coating, whether temperature or power controlled - we have them all. We realize special appliances for senior apartments and special models for the Australian Railway. Our core competence in the production of cooking plates is without controversy.

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Mini ovens | Small hot ovens

Free-standing mini ovens are compact all-round talents which make a full kitchen out of a cooking facility in single or office kitchens. But mini ovens are also a reasonable additional appliance to the large kitchen stove. They are a time and energy saving alternative when baking a few rolls or frozen pizza or preparing a small gratin. But even grilled chickens, rolled roasts of fluffy cakes come out perfectly in a mini oven. The ROMMELSBACHER range of products includes mini ovens in many sizes and different types. Whether with rotisserie spit, circulating air function or electronic control – everybody will find the suitable model.

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Pizza and bread baking stone | Awaken the pizza chef in yourself

Thanks to our bread baking stone made from food-safe chamotte, every electric stove becomes a real stone baking oven. Just put the baking stone in the oven, heat up thoroughly and by this traditional way of baking your bread gets a wonderful crust and your pizza a delicious crispy base. Taste the difference! You can safely and stylishly take out the baked goods with the wooden shovel which is inclosed in the delivery scope.

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Sandwich Maker | For particularly crispy moments

A sandwich maker is the perfect kitchen aid to conjure a small hot meal, to cater for guests in no time or to enjoy a snack occasionally. Whether you fill the sandwich spicy or sweet is left to your personal taste. But it applies to all ROMMELSBACHER models that they are easy in operation and cleaning and thus offer optimal snacking fun.

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Waffle makers | Regardless of whether sweet or spicy: We love waffles

Already for a long time these baked delicasies are very popular among small and large. From children’s birthday party to coffee party or lunch table, they are an indispensable part of our kitchens. During the last years these quickly made snacks conquer the hearts of the gourmets also in a spicy version. Whether in pizza version or with herbs and cheese, whether with yeast dough or puff pastry - the varieties are almost endless.

For new cooking trends and food bloggers, waffles are always an issue for sure. You can adapt the ingredients to your taste and thus waffles are also perfectly fine for low-carb, vegan or gluten-free recipes. It’s up to the gourmet whether he prefers the heart-shaped variants or the form of Belgian waffles. They are all delicious!

VIew Waffle Makers