The sophisticated mini kitchener with chic for high demands

  • the automatic oven/grill priority function makes sure the appliance can be plugged into every ordinary household socket

Cooking surface

  • superior glass ceramic cooking surface, durable and easy to care
  • 2 heating zones: 145 mm Ø, 1200 W / 180 mm Ø, 1800 W
  • Power-controlled through 7-step switches
  • residual heat indicators, pilot lamp


  • volume: 22 l, for baking tins up to 27 cm Ø
  • total power: oven 1150 W, grill 1000 W
  • infinitely variable temperature regulation from 50 °C to 250 °C
  • 4 heating modes: upper heat, lower heat, upper/lower heat, grill
  • 90-minute timer with continuous setting and signal tone
  • CLEANemail coated oven chamber, easy to clean, with interior illumination
  • 3 insertion levels, pilot lamp
  • double-glazed oven door
  • controlled oven ventilation


  • Including: enamelled roasting tray, chromed grill grid


This Mini Kitchener is superior in design, equipment and functionality and allows for cooking, roasting, baking and grilling even in limited spaces. Benefit from the advantages which are provided by the superior glass-ceramic cooktop. This mini kitchener is perfected by the included timer, which switches off the unit automatically after the set time has elapsed.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type KML 3001
Product Colour anthracite
Power Output 230 V 3000 W
Item weight 16,97 kg
Dimensions 58,50 x 40,50 x 33,50 cm
Volume 22 l
Type of heating 4 heating zones: upper heat, lower heat, upper/lower heat, grill
Hob-type glass ceramic
Cooking surface 2 heating zones: 145 mm Ø, 1200 W/ 180 mm Ø, 1800 W
Special Features "CLEANemail" oven chamber coating for easy cleaning
EAN 4001797258106
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
Can heating plate and oven be operated at the same time?
Yes, the small heating plate can be operated while the oven is turned on. The big plate can only be used if the oven is turned off, due to an automatic oven priority regulation.  This restricts the electrical power to 2500 Watt and thus enables the appliance to be connected to a regular socket instead of a high current one. Big and small plate can be operated at once if the oven is turned off. What diameter can a baking tin or e.g. a pizza have in order to be prepared in the oven?
The appliance is suitable for baking tins up to a diameter of 27 cm. This means pizzas up to this diameter can be prepared in it as well.  


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