Makes each oven be a stone oven

  • stone of natural fi reclay, food safe
  • meets high demands in stability, density, porosity, resistance of heat and temperature tolerances
  • Including: big, solid wood tray shovel with flat front edge to easily take up and slide in the pastries; instruction manual with recipes

For bread, pizza, flammkuchen. Also for frozen pizza and other pastries. Suits each common oven, also perfectly matching the
- ROMMELSBACHER Maxi oven BG 1600 PizzAvanti
- ROMMELSBACHER Baking oven & Rotisserie Grill BG 1650


With the Rommelsbacher baking stone, made of food safe fireclay, each standard oven can be turned into a pizza and bread stone oven in an instant. The stone is put into the cold oven chamber to heat it up together with the oven. When the stone is hot enough, bread, rolls, pizza (self-made or frozen) or other yeast-risen pastries can be placed on the stone. This traditional way of baking directly on stone provides bread with an equal and tasty outside and gives pizza a perfectly cross crust. When ready, the big and convenient wood shovel allows taking the pastries out of the hot oven in a safe and stylish way.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type PS 16
Item weight 2,91 kg
Dimensions 35,00 x 35,00 x 1,40 cm
Special Features stone of natura fireclay, food safe
EAN 4001797264008
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Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
Fresh pizza dough sticks to the wooden shovel and cannot be transferred to the pizza stone. What can I do?
It is important to dust the wooden shovel with enough flour before placing the dough on it. With this the dough can be transferred from the shovel onto the stone in one fluid motion. How do I clean the stone?
Let the stone cool down. Remove any flour residues from the pizza stone with a dry cloth. Stubborn residues can be carefully scraped off with a knife or also rubbed off with a scouring sponge (dry or slightly damp). Clean the stone damp only but never wet, and never immerse it in water, because this can lead to water absorption which can damage the stone during the next use. The stone needs to be dry before next use to avoid cracking. This pizza stone is a natural product so that it is quite possible there will be dark spots over time, caused by burnt-in residues of dough or topping. However, this will not affect the functionality of the stone. As for the wooden shovel, also wipe it off with a dry cloth first and then with a damp one perhaps. Never immerse it into water or clean it under running water – this might cause the wooden material to lose its shape. In what appliances can I use the stone?    
The baking stone is perfect for our ROMMELSBACHER mini baking ovens BG 1600 PizzAvanti and BG 1650. The stone is suitable for temperatures up to 300 °C especially for theses ovens. We do not recommend using it on other appliances (e. g. as a hot stone on a gas grill), since it absorbs water from the grilled foods. This feature of the baking stone allows for a crunchy crust on your pizza or bread.


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