Easy and gentle preparation of vegetables, meat, one-pots, soups, yoghurt & more

  • high quality Cool Touch plastic casing
  • 14 automatic cooking programs, manual cooking
  • temperature range settable from 40 °C to 170 °C
  • pressure cooking function with 2 pressure levels
  • well-arranged LCD display
  • separate cooking function with manual control
  • start time pre-selection up to 24 hours, keep warm function
  • large, removable cooking pot (6 litres) with superior non-stick coating and 4 litres usable volume
  • separate button for a safe steam pressure blow-off
  • 12-times safety system for maximum protection
  • dismountable for easy cleaning, removable power cord
  • Including: additional gasket ring, steam insert, rack, 2 server spoons

Cooking with steam pressure - an indispensable part of traditional cooking. Our digital multi pressure cooker “Mein Hans” makes this type of preparation fit for the new millennium. Save time, energy and space: this all-rounder can replace up to 9 kitchen appliances. With the MD 1000, you can excellently cook, steam, roast and stew, prepare creamy rice pudding or yoghurt and even bake bread. It is also quickly ready for use for all modern cooking methods like ‘Sous Vide’ and ‘Slow Cooking’. A total of 14 cooking programs, with or without steam pressure, is available for you. Whether without, with normal or soft steam pressure - the electronic system controls the cooking process fully automatically and safely. All programs can be individually adjusted, also manual settings are possible. ”Mein Hans“ is convincing in all areas by nutrient-protective results. This kind of preparation saves up to 70 % of time and 50 % of energy compared to traditional cooking processes. The switch-off takes place automatically, the subsequent warming mode keeps dishes to temperature up to one hour. High quality materials and a well thought-out construction ensure high user-friendliness. The removable cooking pot is non-stick coated and easy to clean. Thanks to the compact design, the appliance can be stored space-saving after use. A universal kitchen appliance you soon do not want to miss any more.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type MD 1000
Product Colour white/black
Power Output 230 V 1000 W
Item weight 6,53 kg
Dimensions 29,50 x 32,00 x 31,50 cm
Cool Touch Casing
Number of Programms 14 Cooking Programs
Start Time Preselection
Warm-keeping function
Pressure Cooking Function
Number of Pressure Levels 2
LCD Display
Non-stick coating
Safety System 9-times
Special Features Cookbook with Recipes
Equipment Steaming Basket, Measuring Cup, 2 Serving Spoons
EAN 4001797803009
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf
RE Declaration of Conformity pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
Can I purchase replacement parts for the appliance?
Our goal is to ensure that our products can be used for as long as possible. Therefore we keep replacement and accessory parts for our appliances in stock for a long time. For this reason, if a defect should occur, your customer service can provide replacement and accessory parts for a long time, even after the warranty period of 2 years has ended. Even if an appliance is no longer part of our range of products, we still keep replacement parts in stock for multiple years. Is the pot made from stainless steel?
No, there is no stainless steel pot available for the MD 1000 "MeinHans".  All programs and electronic settings are adapted to the specific features of the related inner pot. If the material of the pot would be changed, the perfect harmonisation (like e. g. exact temperatures of the programs) is no longer guaranteed. In case you are concerned about the non-stick coating of the pot, please note that the pot has passed through detailed tests by TÜV/GS as well as for LFGB (Food and Feed Code). Both, inner pot and coating are BPA-free. How does the sous-vide function work with this appliance? To what extent can I adjust temperature and cooking time?
For sous-vide cooking, (low temperature cooking of vacuum-sealed food in a water bath) you first vacuum-seal the food and then cook it at low temperature in a water bath in the MD 1000 (lid closed / without steam pressure). For this purpose, "MeinHans" has a special "Sous Vide" function. This function offers 3 different pre-settings for time and temperature. Furthermore, the time can be set manually from 10 minutes up to 24 hours (adjustable in steps of 10 minutes). The temperature can also be adjusted manually from 40 °C to 95 °C (in 1 degree steps) according to need. Is the inner pot of the appliance BPA-free and free of harmful substances?
The pot has passed through detailed tests by TÜV/GS as well as for LFGB (Food and Feed Code). It is free from BPA and other harmful substances. What is the volume of the pot? Can I e.g. put a whole chicken in there for making broth?
The non-stick coated cooking pot (5.5 l volume) can be filled with a maximum filling quantity of 4 liters. For safety reasons, this quantity must not be exceeded. A chicken of up to 1.5 kg can be prepared in the pot. This will take about 25 minutes (with the program "Dampfdruck 2").                The status bars keep moving continuously. What can I do?
As long as the program is heating up the temperature bars will keep moving. When the chosen temperature is reached inside the cooker, the program will start running and the blue bars are permanently lit. After this, the remaining runtime will be counted down by the minute (See description in the instruction manual ready for download here on our website). We recommend to read the manual carefully. It also contains application examples that will make it easier to operate the appliance. While releasing steam, hot liquid is spouting out of the valve, getting everything dirty. What can I do?
Frothing of e. g. broth is a normal process which can be explained as follows: fat and protein in the food cause liquid to froth - especially when temperature and/or pressure changes occur. When using a smaller volume the effect is not as strong and the froth will not reach the valve. However for a larger volume (like a whole chicken for example), hot broth may froth from the valve. Like with any other pressure cooker (and thus also with "MeinHans" the broth should be left in the unopened steam cooker for about 30 minutes after cooking in order to let the pressure decrease inside the pot.


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