For a safe and quick opening of tin cans

  • attractive casing with easy-care stainless steel
  • for tin cans up to 850 g
  • automatic start-stop function
  • magnetic lid holder
  • robust, detachable blade made of stainless steel
  • integrated bottle opener and knife-sharpener
  • practical cord storage

Opening tin cans quickly and safely, undoing crown caps, keeping household knives sharp.


An essential kitchen aid with functional equipment and a stainless steel casing in modern design. This appliance opens tins quickly and safely without forming sharp edges at the tin’s or lid’s rim. The robust stainless steel blade cuts effortlessly and is detachable for easy cleaning. Furthermore, the automatic start-stop-function and the magnetic id holder provide for easy handling. As practical additional function, this tin opener has an integrated bottle opener for crown caps as well as a knife-sharpener for keeping household knifes sharp. The cord storage for cord not in use makes the versatile equipment of this tin opener perfect.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type DO 65
Product Colour stainless steel/black
Power Output 230 V 60 W
Item weight 0,94 kg
Dimensions 13,50 x 13,30 x 22,40 cm
Special Features for tin cans up to 850 g
EAN 4001797858108
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
How do the integrated bottle opener and knife sharpener work?
For opening bottles place the unplugged appliance at the edge of your worktop and hold it well with one hand. With the other hand, put the bottle neck with the crown cap into the bottle opener and open the bottle by pushing it down with slight pressure.
For using the knife-sharpener make sure that the appliance has been unplugged. Place the appliance on the worktop and hold it well with one hand. Now insert the knife into the sharpening unit on the back of the appliance and draw it forth and back under slight pressure several times. Remove the abrasive dust with a tissue. Cans of what size can be opened with this appliance?
This appliance is suitable for cans up to 850 g, a max. height of 17.5 cm and a max. diameter of 10 cm. How do I operate the appliance?
Fold the front lever up and hold it. Now, press the can with light pressure against the guiding spike and the driving wheel. Then slowly fold the front lever down. If the can is fixated properly the appliance will start automatically. By folding the front lever up the can is released and can be removed carefully. A more detailed instruction can be found in the instruction manual, available for download here on our website.


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