OIL PRESS OP 700 Emilio

Best quality – gentle cold-pressing method Free of additives – 100% taste in bio-quality

  • elegant design, high-quality materials
  • 2 robust screw conveyors, made of stainless steel
    - for common oil bearing seeds, kernels and nuts
    - for particularly small oil bearing seeds (e.g. chia seed)
  • heater to preheat the pressing unit
  • detachable seed container for ca. 700 g contents
  • simple operation through 3 control elements
  • reverse function of the screw conveyor
  • completely dismountable, thus easy to clean
  • detachable power cord – for a convenient storage
  • Including: pulp container, oil collection container, strainer, cleaning brush

Salubrious & exquisite – essential nutrients are preserved.


This electrical oil press is perfectly suited to cater for home made, individual oils of organic quality. Healthy oils, made from seeds, kernels and nuts are important for a balanced diet which abstains from artificial additives. Fresh, home-made oils are also a highly valuable basis for natural cosmetics. This extraordinary appliance comes with two different screw conveyors, so that in addition to all common oil-bearing seeds and kernels (such as pumpkin seeds, peanuts, pistachios), even particularly small oil-bearing seeds like e.g. chia seeds can be processed to yield high-quality oils. The press uses the gentle cold-pressing method preserving the full flavour and all vitamins and nutrients in your oil. Those, who value the authentic flavour of individual, high-quality oils, will find the perfect expert in this electrical press.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type OP 700
Product Colour black/silver
Power Output 230 V 650 W
Item weight 5,09 kg
Dimensions 33,00 x 18,00 x 34,50 cm
Storage Capacity 700 g
Grinding gear 2 robust screw conveyors, made of stainless steel
Special Features Including: pulp container, oil collection container, strainer, cleaning brush
EAN 4001797870001
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Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
My oil press turns off after 3 minutes. What can I do?
The oil press will switch off automatically if no seeds are reaching the screw conveyor in order to protect against overheating. Please make sure that there are enough seeds in the seed container. If the oil press shuts off despite enough seeds remaining in the seed container, check whether the seeds are too big (then cut seeds down to peanut or hazelnut size) or too wet. If they are too wet, they will not reach the screw conveyor. In this case, dry them in a baking oven (60 °C convection oven or 80 °C top and bottom heat) or use a dehydrator for 2 - 3 hours. What kinds of nuts and seeds can be processed with the oil press?
The oil press OP 700 is designed for oil seeds and nuts only (e.g. seeds from sunflower, sesame, brown flax, poppy, rape, grape, hemp, mustard, pumpkin and chia, as well as peanuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and similar). It is NOT suited for processing soft or juicy fruits like olives or soy. Neither is it suitable to produce essential oils (e .g. out of mint, citrus fruits, etc.). How do I clean the product?
The oil press has to be cleaned after every use to avoid clogging of the screw conveyor. The press is easy to disassemble and therefore easy to clean. Residues can be removed even from small cavities with the attached cleaning brush. No parts may be cleaned in the dishwasher. To ensure production of high-quality oils, let the press cool down first and then clean it with warm water and some mild detergent after every use. Only re-assemble the appliance, when all parts are completely dry. Should despite all of this your press ever clog you can find an in-detail instruction on how to remove blockages in the instruction manual, which can be downloaded here on this site. Can olive oil or soy oil be prepared with this press?
No, this oil press is designed for kernels, seeds, nuts and other dry, oleaginous raw food only (e. g. seeds from sunflower, sesame, brown flax, almond, chia, hemp, nuts, etc.). It is NOT suitable for soft or juicy fruits like olives or soy beans. My oil press does not turn on. What can I do?
Make sure the lid is properly closed, otherwise an integrated safety switch will prevent the oil press from starting. Are the oils made with this press considered cold pressed?
Yes, oils made with our oil press are "considered" as cold pressed oils. Although the screw conveyor is heated to increase the yield, the resulting temperature (less than 40 °C) is so low, that vitamins like vitamin A and E and other healthy contents are preserved. Which conveyor is used for which kind of seeds/nuts?
The oil press comes with 2 different screw conveyors. With the standard conveyor (black seal ring) all kinds of oleaginous seeds and nuts can be processed. The conveyor with the red seal ring is optimized for smaller seeds and better suited for harder seeds. Due to the smaller winding of the red conveyor, less seeds will be transported. This ensures optimum extraction at low temperatures with reduced power consumption of the motor. Of course, the standard screw conveyor (black seal ring) can also process small seeds, however the best yield is obtained with the red screw conveyor. I am having problems performing the "voltage adaptation” described in the instruction manual. What is it needed for?
The voltage adaptation is simply a service function to ensure that the automatic shut-off of the oil press is working properly. Usually, the oil press shuts off automatically once the seed container is empty. Every now and then however, this automatic shut-off can be affected by voltage fluctuations in your region. To reset the automatic shut-off, a voltage adaptation can be executed as described in the instruction manual. This does not take a lot of time. If the automatic shut-off of your oil press is working well, no voltage adaptation is necessary. While making oil, the press is squeaking unpleasantly. What can I do?
Unpleasant squeaking noises may be caused by the seeds or the screw conveyor being too wet. This is not a technical problem and cannot damage the appliance. However, to continue processing, everything should be dried properly. This will also increase the yield of oil. The oil press is blocked when trying to press walnuts. What can I do?
It is very important to prepare the walnuts correctly, because the irregular walnut shape blocks the screw conveyor. Walnuts must be chopped well first and should be dried for 2 hours at 80 °C before being further processed in the oil press.


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