Convenient preservation – very popular again

  • Automatic preserving cooker
  • superior, hard-wearing pot with acid-resistant 2-layer enamelling and stainless steel rim
  • capacity: 27 l or 14 jars containing 1 l each
  • infinitely variable temperature regulation
  • juice-extraction setting (with accessory EA 1803)
  • integrated precision thermostat for a constant temperature
  • heat-insulated handles, removable lid
  • closed pot bottom for easy cleaning
  • pilot lamp, overheating protection, cord take-up
  • Including: grid insert


Perfect for heating and serving hot beverages.


Preserving – everything else than frumpy! With these practical preserving cookers fruits, vegetables, juices and jam can be preserved in a healthy and convenient way. In winter, they are perfect for serving hot mulled wine or punch. The set temperature is maintained reliably by the precision thermostat and at the models with outlet tap beverages can be filled directly into cups conveniently. Also for keeping-warm larger quantities of food, Rommelsbacher preserving cookers are a popular aid at festivities and events.

Another advantage: Together with the juice extraction top (type EA 1803) available as accessory, they can also be used as steam juicers.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type KA 1800
Product Colour white/blue
Material casing fire-enamelled
Dimensions 46,00 x 36,50 x 49,00 cm
Power Output 230 V 1800 W
Item weight 5,75 kg
Storage Capacity 27 l or 14 jars containing 1 l each
Special Features integrated precision thermostat for a constant temperature
EAN 4001797440006
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
My bottled glass jars do not stay closed so my food goes bad. What can I do?          
To ensure successful preservation it is very important to keep your working environment absolutely clean. Make sure the jars intended for preservation are clean and boiled off beforehand. Sealing ring and lid have to be in perfect condition. For some foods (especially beans) the temperature of the regular preserving function might not be high enough. To preserve these foods safely however, set the temperature selector to “Entsaften” (juicing). In this mode the appliances is not clocking, but is heating up continuously. How do I clean the appliance?
Just clean the pot outside and inside of the appliance with a damp cloth. To maintain the quality of heating performance and temperature control, calcareous residues which might have formed can be removed from time to time with some vinegar water or with a standard descaling agent. Rinse the appliance with hot water afterwards  


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