Useful battery operation – cordless and flexible use wherever needed. For grating hard cheese, nuts, baking chocolate and much more...

  • power battery (NiMH) with 1,800 mAh performance for long run time
  • stainless steel grater drum, removable for easy cleaning
  • grater drum compartment with lid, for a hygienic storage and transport
  • ergonomic handle for a safe feeding
  • convenient on/off push button, integrated safety switch
  • Including: separate charger with power cord

Independent of any wall socket, this attractive appliance can be used directly at the table, e.g. for grinding hard cheese freshly onto the pasta dish or rasping chocolate over your sundae. There is a small lid for closing the drum compartment, so that residues cannot fall out. High ease of use, which grants much fun at the table!


The handy multi grater by Rommelsbacher grates hard cheese types like parmesan or Grana Padano easily and safely. Even baking chocolate and nuts can be rasped perfectly. The convenient battery operation facilitates the work, as the cordless grater is flexible in use because it does not require a wall socket. Furthermore, the nice design attracts everyone to take it to the table for grating cheese directly onto the pasta-dish. After grating, the drum compartment can be closed hygienically with a small lid so that residues cannot fall out. The operation is quite simple. Only one hand is needed to compress the handle and pressing the food on the grater drum. At the same time, the ON button at the underside is activated, whereby a safety switch provides for a safe use. Cleaning of the grater is very easy, as the stainless steel grater drum can be taken out. With this appliance, grating is real fun and cooking becomes more convenient!

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type MR 6
Product Colour white
Power Output 2,4 V 6 W
Item weight 0,60 kg
Dimensions 24,50 x 11,50 x 9,00 cm
Special Features stainless steel grater drum, removable for easy cleaning
EAN 4001797840004
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
How is the appliance powered? Can it be used while charging?
In order not to damage the charger the appliance should only be used, while the charger is unplugged. However the appliance comes with a sufficiently powered battery that can be recharged using the charger included in the scope of delivery. What foods can be processed with this appliance?
The appliance is suitable for grating hard cheese, hard baking chocolate, nuts, almonds, dried bread, etc. It cannot be used for grating very hard foods (ice cubes, nutmeg, etc.) or soft foods (soft cheese or milk chocolate, etc.)


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