Steam juicing – for homemade healthy long-life juices

  • complete appliance with own heating element and control unit
  • superior, hard-wearing pot with acid-resistant 2-layer enamelling and stainless steel rim
  • pot diameter: 28 cm
  • juice collecting vessel with 4 l volume
  • fruit basket made of food safe plastic material with 10 l volume
  • outlet tube and clamp
  • integrated overheating and dry-boil protection
  • heat-insulated handles, removable lid

Steam juicing and bottling right away – the traditional way of preserving juices.


Steam juicing - making delicious, long-life juices at home is very easy with this well-proven electric juice extractor manufactured in Germany. The integrated heating element makes this model being a complete stand-alone appliance. The robust pot stands out by its superior, acid-resistant 2-layer enameling. You just have to fill in water and fruits and then connect the unit to the mains. After the extracting process the hot juice can be filled directly into bottles or other containers via the outlet tube. The integrated boil dry and overheating protection and the heat insulated handles grant perfect safety during use.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type EE 1505
Product Colour white/blue
Power Output 230 V 1500 W
Item weight 4,93 kg
Dimensions 37,50 x 33,50 x 43,50 cm
Special Features fruit basket made of food safe plastic material with 10 l volume
EAN 4001797451002
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Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
How does steam juicing work?       
Steam juicers are especially suitable for extracting juice of large amounts of berries and fruits, when the juice is intended to be preserved for storage. While steam juicing, the water steam will make the cell structure of the fruits burst. Thus the juice is extracted and collected in the appliance. During the extraction process, the juice can already be bottled into sterile bottles or jars. The containers should be filled to the brim and then closed immediately. While cooling down, juice´s volume decreases, thus creating a vacuum that tightens the lid. The juice is capped germ-free and thus is preserved.


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