• low-vibration motor
  • main switch with safety circuit
  • smooth-running release of the blades
  • usable blade length: 17.5 cm
  • simple handling
  • hanging loop
  • both blade sets are dishwasher-proof
  • including: - stainless steel blades with fine teeth for normal food - stainless steel blades with rough teeth for frozen food - each with finger protection


Rommelsbacher’s electric knife cuts easily bread and pastry but also meat and poultry. The blades with fine teeth are perfectly suitable for cutting most sensitive food like cream tarts and pies into pieces. The powerful motor and the additional blades with rough teeth make it possible to cut up frozen food into portions. Due to the hanging loop, the appliance can be stored safely and always handy. The long cord, the safety circuit, the smooth-running release and the finger protection ensure a safe operation. Both blade sets are dishwasher-proof.

Additional Information

Type EM 120
Product Colour white
Power Output 230 V 120 W
Item weight 0,50 kg
Dimensions 49,00 x 5,50 x 6,50 cm
Blade length 17.5 cm
Blade material stainless steel blad set with fine and rough teeth, incl. finger protection
EAN 4001797850003
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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