Fluffy, soft & spongy – best baking results guaranteed

  • casing made of high-quality, easy-care synthetic material, heat-insulated
  • baking area: 16.5 cm Ø, for 5 waffle hearts
  • superior 2-layer non-stick coating Xylan® Plus, for best baking results and a very easy cleaning
  • stepless temperature regulation, allowing for an individual degree of browning
  • convenient baking lights with 2 pilot lamps
  • flexible hinge for height adjustment
  • heat-insulated handle, overheating protection


Sweet waffles are popular with young and old and, therefore, you can’t think of coffee tables or Christmas time without them. Even the savoury waffle variants are becoming more and more popular since they are a perfect match for beer and wine. It is so easy to prepare these tasty snacks with the Rommelsbacher waffle makers. Regardless of the recipe, with the infinitely variable temperature regulation each degree of browning can be set and the baking lights help with the proper timing. And should you need larger quantities for your family, for larger groups or big appetites, we recommend model WA 1200 with a double baking area. Both models are equipped with a heat-insulated handle and integrated overheating protection, thus ensuring safe operation. Thanks to the superior non-stick-coating it is easy to take the waffles out and to clean the unit afterwards. Storing is convenient and even the large WA 1200 appliance needs only little place when put upright in the cupboard. There are so many reasons to take a decision for one of these attractive appliances!

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type WA 750
Product Colour silver
Power Output 230 V 750 W
Item weight 1,79 kg
Dimensions 19,50 x 25,50 x 8,50 cm
Baking area 16.5 cm Ø, for 5 waffle hearts
Non-stick coating 2-Lagen Antihaftbeschichtung Xylan® Plus
Special Features flexible hinge for height adjustment and heat-insulated handle, overheating protection
EAN 4001797831002
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
Why do my waffles get done unevenly?
Results will differ depending on recipe and amount of dough and fat applied. For good results these factors and your personal preferences have to be taken into account when determining the perfect baking time. Potentially applying some oil to the baking plates (for doughs with low fat content) and filling the dough right in the center may help in getting even results. The waffle maker should also be placed on a heat-resistant, stable and even surface. If after baking you find the waffles to be too light in color they can be left in the appliance longer, until a satisfying level of browning has been reached. During baking you may need to control the process sporadically. Keep in mind that the baking lights are for your orientation only. Depending on your preferences you may leave the waffles in the waffle maker longer or take them out earlier. What does "flexible hinge" mean and how does it benefit me?
The flexible hinge allows for the lid to rise during baking. That way the dough can rise and spread and is nit pressed together due to a lack of flexibility. That way waffles become fluffier. It also helps prevent doughs containing raising agents from spilling out on the sides. Is waffle size significantly smaller in double waffle makers than in single waffle ones?
The WA 1200´s baking plates have a diameter of 16 cm (5 waffle hearts) each. On average a single waffle makers baking plate is 17 cm (5 waffle hearts) in diameter. So the difference is not significant although there is still the benefit of more waffles being done at once. How do the baking lights work?    
The baking lights are for your orientation only. Depending on your preferences you may leave the waffles in the waffle maker longer or take them out earlier to reach your preferred level of browning. The baking light work as follows:
Once turned on, the red light will start glowing and the waffle maker will start heating up. Once the light turns green the heating process has finished dough can be filled in and the waffle maker can be closed afterwards. After this, the light will switch to red again. After reaching the individually adjustable baking temperature the light switches back to green again and the waffle should be done. How do I clean the waffle maker? Can parts be cleaned in a dishwasher?
No part should/must be cleaned in the dishwasher. The anti-stick coated plates cannot be detached. Ideally after the appliance has cooled down to lukewarm, wipe the casing with a damp, soft cloth. Residues on the baking plate´s grooves can be removed with a soft brush or a damp cloth.


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