Convenient, energy saving & compact - the ideal companion for events and festivities

  • superior, easy-care pot of double-wall stainless steel in brushed finish
  • best heat insulation, safe and energy-saving in use
  • infinitely variable temperature control
  • separate on/off switch
  • external level indicator and drip tray, detachable for easy cleaning
  • metal outlet tap
  • heat-insulated handles, detachable cover with locking
  • closed inside pot bottom for easy cleaning
  • pilot lamps, protection against boil dry and overheating
  • 13 litre capacity or 52 cups à 250 ml

Ideal for heating and serving hot punch, spiced wine, coffee, tea and more!


The ideal companion for wintry events and festivities – for dispensing hot punch, spiced wine, tea, coffee and more. The temperature of the beverages can be regulated steplessly, pouring out is easy and can be done directly into cups via the superior outlet tap. The robust pot made of double-wall stainless steel is elegantly proportioned and easy to clean; it guarantees best heat insulation and an energy-saving operation. The content is easy to check anytime through the exterior level indicator. Both, the indicator and the drip tray, are detachable to ensure an easy cleaning. High operational safety is guaranteed by the separate on/off switch, an overheating and boil-dry protection as well as the heat-insulated handles. A really attractive and convenient appliance, which is available in two sizes and thus grants a very broad field of applications.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type GA 1700
Product Colour stainless steel/black
Material casing stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 1650 W
Item weight 3,36 kg
Dimensions 37,00 x 39,50 x 49,00 cm
Storage Capacity 13 litre capacity or 52 cups á 250 ml
Special Features best heat insulation, safe and energy-saving in use
EAN 4001797447104
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
The appliance cannot be turned on. What can I do?
The integrated overheating protection will automatically turn off the power supply if the appliance gets overheated. Both pilot lamps extinguish and the appliance cannot be turned on again. After this cut-off, a reset of the fuse is necessary. To do so, press the pin at the underside of the appliance. You will find more detailed instructions with regard to the reset in the instruction manual, which can also be downloaded here. Does a residual amount of liquid remain inside the appliance?  
Due to the design, a residual amount of liquid will remain inside the appliance. Therefore, when emptying gently tip the appliance towards the tap to remove as much liquid as possible. Before tipping the appliance forwards, the drip tray must always be removed! Is the appliance also suitable for making hot chocolate or other powder based beverages?
Yes, the appliance is also suitable for beverages that may form a sediment or similar liquids that might burn. In those cases, it is essential to stir regularly to avoid that sediments stick on the bottom.


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