Versatile use – also suitable for spicery, nuts, sugar...

  • superior, easy-care casing made of brushed stainless steel
  • robust blade unit with 2-winged blade made of stainless steel
  • stainless steel beans tank, extra-large capacity 70 g
  • selection of grinding degree by the grinding time
  • easy operation, safe handling
  • transparent cover, detachable
  • integrated cord take-up

Fresh ground coffee – for a flavourful cup of coffee any time.


A coffee grinder with powerful blade – perfect for quickly making a good cup of coffee with freshly ground powder. The casing and the blade of this chic appliance are made of superior stainless steel and are thus robust and easy to clean. The coffee beans are quickly processed by the 2-winged blade until the desired grinding degree is reached. The grinding time can be adjusted individually by pressing down the casing cover. Furthermore, this coffee grinder cannot only be used for grinding coffee beans, but also dried spicery like e. g. pepper, coriander, rosemary, caraway or sugar can be ground. Another advantage with respect to its is convenient handling is its integrated cord take-up which stores the cord not in use.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type EKM 100
Product Colour stainless steel
Material casing stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 200 W
Item weight 0,78 kg
Dimensions 9,50 x 9,50 x 18,50 cm
Storage Capacity extra-large capacity 70 g
Grinding setting individual selection of grinding degree by the grinding time
Grinding gear robust stainless steel blade
Special Features stainless steel beans, pracitcal cord take-up
EAN 4001797862204
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
What foods can be processed in the grinder?
The grinder is designed for grinding coffee/espresso beans within the quantities usually needed for domestic use. It can also be used for dried spices such as peppercorn, coriander or sugar. How do I clean the grinder?
Carefully remove powder residues of the beans tank. We recommend using a normal pastry brush.  Clean the beans tank and the blade with a damp tissue and wipe them dry. Clean the lid of the beans tank in hot water with some dishwashing detergent. Before the next use, the lid must be completely dry.


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