Desiccation & dehydration – simple and gentle preserving with hot air

  • casing made of first-class plastic material
  • transparent lid with heater fan
  • 4 dehydration shelves made of superior plastic material, easy to clean
  • power selection in 3 levels
  • 12-hour timer with automatic switch-off
  • overheating protection
  • can be used with up to 8 dehydration shelves

Fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs dehydrate evenly in the hot air stream, completely without any preserving agents. Vitamins, nutriments and minerals get preserved, flavouring substances concentrate. Perfect for making dried ingredients for cereals, soups, sauces, teas and snacks, but also for natural decorating materials made of dried fruits etc.


Ideas from granny’s days boom! With this dehydrator you can easily conserve fruits, vegetables, mushrooms or herbs in an optimal way. The heater fan provides for permanent active hot air circulation and the constant temperature for even results. Thus, taste, nutritive values and minerals are preserved – totally without chemical additives and sugar. Healthy eaters and allergic persons can make dried ingredients for cereals, soups and sauces on their own. Persons with a sweet tooth make healthy snacks – perfect for nibbling on the way. The 3 power levels and the timer with automatic switch-off ensure perfect ease of use. The superior plastic casing convinces through easy cleaning and makes the practical appliance perfect. And the special plus factor: Also suitable for producing trendy natural decoration materials, e. g. your individual Christmas decoration.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type DA 750
Product Colour white
Power Output 230 V 700 W
Item weight 2,67 kg
Dimensions 35,50 x 34,50 x 33,50 cm
Dehydration shelves 4 dehydration shelves made of superior plastic material, easy to clean
Special Features 12-hour timer with automatic switch-off
EAN 4001797460004
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
Is the appliance BPA-free?
Yes, all parts that come into contact with food are BPA-free. How do I clean the appliance? Can some parts be put into the dishwasher?
The plastic surface is VERY smooth and has great non-stick properties. Therefore, please do not use sharp objects and strong cleaning agents for the dehydration shelves. We also recommend not to put them in the dishwasher, as dishwasher salts also may damage/corrode smooth surfaces. The shelve surface does not have any edges or grid holes.This allows for convenient cleaning. Simply fill the shelves with water, add some mild detergent, stack them and let them soak before cleaning with a soft dishcloth or sponge. When processing foods with dyeing properties (e. g. carrots, tomatoes or beetroot) you might want to avoid staining of the shelves by placing baking paper under the food. Stains stemming from e. g. carrots are unproblematic and can mostly be removed with vegetable oil and/or baking powder. The time necessary for dehydrating differs from the times indicated in the instruction manual. Items are dehydrated unevenly. What can I do?
Make sure the items intended for dehydration are cut evenly and distribute them onto the shelves in one layer. Since fresh products often differ in quality (e.g. one apple being juicier than another) this sometimes leads to varying results when dehydrating. Please be aware, that due to construction the top shelve is slightly colder than the other shelves, therefore items take slightly more time to dehydrate here. For more even dehydration times you may want to switch bottom and top shelve after half the time. Also note that the times indicated in the instruction manual are not exact but meant for orientation. How many dehydration shelves can be used at a time? Where can I get additional shelves?
Up to 8 shelves can be used at a time. Additional shelves are available in specialist stores and at your customer service under Article No. DE 100 (set with 2 shelves). Can strong smells occur during the dehydration process?
Depending on the dehydrated item a pleasant, fragrant, fruity or savory scent may arise. Please note however that an intense smell (especially when drying herbs) means too much heat is being used. In this case please decrease temperature.


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