• casing made of high-quality plastic, with stainless steel elements
  • 8 non-stick pans with heat-insulated handles
  • 8 spatulas
  • curved non-stick aluminium die-cast grill plate, ideal for low-fat grilling
  • infinitely-variable thermostat and pilot lamp
  • integrated parking surface for pans not in use
  • using the pans:
  • perfect for raclette and for gratinating snacks
  • using the grill plate:
  • ideal for low-fat grilling, sautéing and roasting
  • the very special Gourmet Raclette: the deluxe version for the demanding


The very special Gourmet Raclette - the deluxe version for the demanding This raclette and grilling appliance coming with 8 pans and its curved non-stick aluminium die-cast grill plate is quite out of the ordinary in terms of its shape and operation. Its design, workmanship, and quality are absolutely top-notch. The curved grill plate provides for this appliance to produce significantly less smoke than comparable products. Excess fat drips down the food to the outward-curved sides to the areas being slightly cooler. This provides for the fat to congeal, preventing it from scorching in the heat of the grill. The integrated parking surface allows for pans to be “parked” in the unheated area every time you take a break from eating. The infinitely-variable thermostat ensures temperatures can be set just right for all kinds of uses.

Additional Information

Type RC 1200
Product Colour black/stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 1200 W
Item weight 3,60 kg
Dimensions 51,00 x 23,50 x 15,00 cm
Grill surface ca. 40 x 20 cm
Material grillplate Aluminium Druckguss
Non-stick coating
Number of Pans 8
Special Features integrated parking surface for pans not in use
EAN 4001797235008
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
How do I clean the grill?
Clean the grill plate, pans and small shovels in lukewarm water with a little dishwashing detergent. Soak severe soiling with some vegetable oil first. Wipe the heating element with a damp cloth only.


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