• powerful 2 HP motor for up to 32,000 r/min
  • big rotary knob with LED display
  • 6 preset programmes
  • individual setting of rotation speed and time
  • separate Pulse/Ice-crush/Clean function button
  • strong, highly-effective 6-winged stainless steel blade
  • special blending jug of BPA-free plastic material, with scaling for 2 l contents, especially break-proof, impact- and heat-resistant
  • detachable cover with refill opening
  • integrated safety system: protection against accidental use
  • 4 big rubber feet for a safe stand
  • integrated cord take-up
  • Including: pusher for a safe refill

A kitchen pro with high-speed. Whether blending healthy ‘green smoothies’, creamy shakes and mixed drinks, peanut and almond butter, fruit ice cream (also 100% vegan and lactose-free) or simply crushing ice – this high-performance blender convinces through always perfect results. The powerful 2 HP motor generates an extremely high rotational speed of up to 32,000 r.p.m. so that the walls of vegetable fibres and cells get crushed and precious nutrients and minerals are released. This gives smoothies an especially fine texture. The big rotary knob permits an easy regulation of the six pre-set, electronically controlled programmes. Rotation speed and blending time can also be set individually. Cold and even hot food can be blended and puréed inside the high-quality blending jug made of break-proof Tritan plastic material. High safety in use, easy handling and effortless cleaning – this appliance is a strong partner for a healthy nutrition!

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type MXH 1500
Product Colour black/silver
Power Output 230 V 1500 W
Dimensions 24,00 x 23,00 x 54,50 cm
Item weight 5,50 kg
Storage Capacity 2 litres
Maximum rotational speed 32,000 r.p.m.
Number of Speed levels individual setting of rotation speed and time
Special Features 2 HP motor
EAN 4001797853400
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
How do I clean the blender?
For swift cleaning of the jug and the blade between several blending runs, the Clean function can be used. Fill some water and a drop of dishwashing detergent in the empty jug then close the cover firmly. Activate the button and keep it pressed for about 20 – 30 seconds. (For more information refer to point “Operating the appliance”). Then pour out the wash water and rinse the jug with clear water. A more thorough final cleaning step should be taken immediately after use so that residues will not dry up. You can find instructions on how to do this best in the instruction manual downloadable here on our website. Glass or blender jug can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Discolorations from highly pigmented foods can be removed with cooking oil. The blender has an unpleasant smell during first usage. What can I do?
Fill the jug with water and let in run on its highest setting for 2 minutes. The smell should disappear afterwards. Can I crush ice with this blender?  
Yes, with its 2 HP motor the blender is suitable for crushing ice. The best way to crush ice is by adding some fluid beforehand. Can I process hot foods in the blender?
Yes, you may fill in foods (e.g. soup) at up to 100 °C. Please remember:  When processing hot and foaming liquids, fill the jug up to 1.5 litres at max. to avoid spilling over. You can also bring soups or similar foods back to boil in this blender. More information can be found in the instruction manual which can be downloaded here on our website. Due to its 2 HP motor the blender heats food up, when processing for longer time periods. If you wish to prevent this add ice (cubes or crushed) into the jug. What can I prepare with this blender? What is it used for best?
The blender is perfect for making green smoothies, breaking down the cell structure of your ingredients due to its high rotational speed. It is also great for other applications however. You may puree, chop and blend food. The blender is suitable for chopping fresh ingredients, like herbs, onions, potatoes, raw fruit and vegetables, berries etc. or puréeing cooked (do not fill if hotter than 60 °C) vegetables and fruit, e.g. for soups, sauces and healthy baby food. You can also mix all kinds of drinks and cocktails or prepare smoothies and milk shakes, beat mayonnaise and liquid doughs or crush ice etc.


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