• detachable aluminium die-cast grill plate 50 x 25 cm
  • superior 3-layer non-stick coating QuanTanium®
  • grill plate with integrated heating element
  • infinitely variable temperature regulation, pilot lamp
  • turbo grilling zone for searing to be set in addition
  • with integrated fat drain and removable drip pan
  • detachable splash guard/wind shield
  • cleaning scraper


Whether indoor or outdoor – this attractive tabletop grill ensures safe grilling pleasure, completely without smoke and fire. Grilling with electricity means quick heating-up by means of precise temperature regulation with best grilling results; the annoying disposal of ash or char-coal remains drops out. The grill plate, made of solid aluminium die-cast with very robust QuanTanium® non-stick coating, is divided in two individual grilling zones. On the ribbed surface, meat and vegetables get the typical grill marks, on the flat Teppanyaki surface, fish, vegetables and even pancakes and other desserts can be prepared. Heating elements integrated in the grill plate ensure a perfect temperature distribution, the regulation is infinitely variable. As additional advantage, this grill has a turbo grilling zone which can be set in addition for quick searing. The integrated fat drain with removable drip pan, the heat-insulated handles as well as the detachable splash guard/wind shield and the super-easy cleaning of all parts make the ease of use of this remarkable grill perfect.

Additional Information

Type BBQ 2002
Product Colour black
Material casing stainless steel/plastic
Power Output 230 V 1900 W
Item weight 4,13 kg
Dimensions 64,50 x 29,50 x 15,00 cm
Grill surface 50 x 25cm
Non-stick coating 3-Lagen Antihaftbeschichtung QuanTanium®
Material grillplate die-cast aluminum
Special Features turbo grilling zone to be set in addition
EAN 4001797294005
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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How do I clean the grill? Can parts be cleaned in the dishwasher?
No, the parts of the grill cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. Dishwasher detergent can damage the non-stick coating of the grill plate. Clean the grill after every use. Remove heavier dirt with the included cleaning scraper and then wipe it off with a soft dishcloth, some warm water and little detergent. Sausages do not get done fully. What can I do?
The grill is suitable for grilling foods with a short /intermediate cooking time. Please keep in mind that sausages have comparably little contact area with the grill, especially on the corrugated part of the surface. Therefore longer cooking times and more frequent turning of the sausages will be necessary. For optimal results, frozen foods have to be thawed before grilling. Chilled food (especially meat) should be taken from the fridge about 30 minutes in advance and cut into 2 - 3 cm thick slices to help ensure even cooking. Make sure to pre-heat the grill plate to the desired heat until the pilot lamp expires for the first time. For a darker sear, turn on the turbo grilling zone by using the separate on/off switch. Please keep in mind that the contact area on the turbo grilling zone is even smaller.


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