Convenient and extremely robust – for the modern way of stock keeping

  • Universal lids
  • small 100 mm Ø

With the universal lids, available in two sizes, food in any canning jars and similarly stable containers can be gentle and fresh stored under vacuum.

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Type VDU 100
Item weight 0,10 kg
Dimensions 10,20 x 10,20 x 3,00 cm
EAN 4001797824110
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What makes this cover a universal vacuum cover? What can it be used for?
With this cover you can vacuum seal food items in any stable, shatter-proof container (e.g. jam jars, can, etc.). The containers diameter can have a diameter of at least 3.5 cm up to 10/12.5 cm. Containers do not need to be round as long as the whole container´s rim is within the cover´s "sealing zone". How do I use the universal cover?
Using the universal cover is as easy as any other vacuum container. Place the cover on a suitable container in which you want to vacuum seal your food. It is important that the cover and the container´s rim are clean and dry. Now turn the valve on the cover´s middle to "VACUUM" and start vacuum sealing as usual. More details can be found in the vacuum sealer´s instruction manual. Once the sealing process is completed, turn the valve to "CLOSED" and remove the vacuuming hose. Your food has now successfully been sealed. To open the container again turn the valve to "OPEN". Air will flow into the container and the cover can be lifted. Is the cover BPA-free?
Yes, the universal cover is BPA-free.


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