• fully automatic suction and sealing
  • for foil bags and rolls up to 30 cm width
  • superior piston pump, 97 % air extraction
  • suction performance: 10 litres/minute
  • pump vacuum: 60 cm/Hg (- 0.8 bar)
  • MAN SEAL function: vacuum manually adjustable
  • operating panel with pilot lamps
  • hose port to vacuum-seal special containers
  • cable compartment for a space-saving storage
  • inclusive of 10 bags, vacuuming hose and foil cutter 
  • a great variety of vacuuming accessories available in commerce


This premium vacuum sealer for high demands offers best conditions for a clever, economical and modern way of storage. Vacuum sealing prolongs the shelf-life of food by 3 to 5 times. Just put the food into a vacuuming bag or vacuuming container with hose port, start the appliance, wait a little while – done! The powerful appliance does the vacuuming and sealing automatically. It extracts up to 97 % of the air by suction so that the food can be stored in a safe and space-saving way in the freezer, fridge or pantry. The additional MAN SEAL function even allows to gently vacuum seal delicate foods. Comfortable handling, easy cleaning and multiple application possibilities – this practical appliance will soon become an indispensable aid in each modern household!

Additional Information

Type VAC 200
Product Colour white
Power Output 230 V 300 W
Item weight 3,00 kg
Dimensions 39,00 x 15,00 x 10,50 cm
Pump capacity 10 l/min
Film width up to 30 cm width
Special Features Inclusive: - 10 plastic bags ( 20 x 30 cm) - vacuum hose - foil cutter
EAN 4001797821003
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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