• superior piston pump, 97 % air extraction
  • integrated roll compartment and safety cutting facility
  • fully automatic vacuum sealing process, energy-saving
  • optional manual control of both, vacuum and sealing process
  • pilot lamps, power cord compartment
  • suction performance: 10 litres/minute
  • pump vacuum: 60 cm/Hg (- 0.8 bar)
  • hose port to vacuum-seal special containers
  • qualified for wall mounting
  • incl. foil roll, 20 bags, vacuuming hose, opener for Leifheit-type jars


The VAC 300 Exclusive grants a professional though easy and convenient vacuuming process. Food kept under vacuum will stay fresh 3 – 5 times longer, because 97 % of the air gets extracted by suction. No matter if vacuum sealed in foil bags or in the special vacuuming containers – the potential of applications is almost endless. Handling is utmost comfortable: in the foil compartment the required special foil rolls stay ready for use and with the integrated cutter the foil is cut to the needed length quickly. The vacuuming process runs automatically, but both, intensity of the vacuum and the sealing time, can be adjusted manually to the food to be packed, so that even very sensitive foods can be vacuumed easily. The booster level and the twice adjustable sealing seam, the variety of available accessories, the great potential of applications and the wall-fastening feature turn this exclusive appliance into an indispensable kitchen gadget, which will for sure convince also the most demanding user.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type VAC 300
Product Colour white
Power Output 230 V 170 W
Item weight 2,94 kg
Dimensions 39,50 x 17,50 x 12,00 cm
Pump capacity 10 l/min
Hose connection
Film width up to 30 cm width
Special Features Including: - 20 plastic bags (20 x 30 cm), foil roll ( 30 x 300 cm) - vauum hose - opener for Leifheit-type jars
EAN 4001797822000
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
Can I only use the original foil rolls with this vacuum sealer?
Yes, for this vacuum sealer we recommend to use the original foil rolls and sealing bags only, since these are designed especially for ROMMELSBACHER appliances. They feature a patented, grooved structure, which ensures that the maximum possible amount of air is extracted from the bags. This helps to extend the shelf life of your vacuum-sealed food. Will the sealer take damage, when during vacuum sealing fluids are sucked into it?
The vacuum sealer is equipped with a patented fluid protection, protecting the pump from taking damage. If fluids are sucked in, they are collected in a drain inside the appliance. You should still try to avoid fluids being sucked in, since this will result in a failed vacuum-sealing process. In order to continue vacuum-sealing again, clean the foil (especially the upper edges that will be sealed together) or the vacuuming hose as well as the drain inside the appliance. Make sure everything is fully dry before vacuum-sealing again. The foil bags are not sealed properly. What can I do?    
Make sure you are using ROMMELSBACHER foil and place the grooved side of the foils on the sealing bar. If this does not solve the problem make sure that the part where the seam is supposed to be is clean and is put in straightly. Also the outlet of the venting cap must be clean and the foil bag should not protrude into the sealing chamber too much. The sealing seam is not tight. What can I do?
Make sure the part of the foil you intend to seal is dry and no fluids are sucked in during the sealing process. Make sure there are no kinks in the sealing bar. If there is a kink, you can easily remove the bar and put it back in straightly.  Also the outlet of the venting cap must be clean and the foil bag should not protrude into the sealing chamber too much. How can I avoid that my vacuum sealer sucks in fluids from wet foods?
If you intend to vacuum-seal especially wet foods there are multiple possibilities. If you for example want to seal berries for freezing, we recommend freezing them beforehand. This also avoids squishing. If you want to seal meat, put a piece of paper towel as wide as the foil in between meat and bag opening. This will absorb additional meat juice before it can get into the sealer. My sealer does not turn on. What can I do?
Make sure the sealer is closed properly. You should not be able to open it manually anymore. How much foil should I cut off? How big should the bags be?
How much foil you cut off depends on the size of the food you intend to vacuum-seal. Make sure you always leave enough foil hanging over to insert the end of the bag into the vacuum sealer. If you intend to use the foil multiple times we recommend cutting a bigger piece of foil in the beginning to make re-using the bag easier. Also, when opening the bag, try opening as close to the seam as possible.


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