• superior piston pump, 97 % air extraction
  • integrated roll compartment and safety cutting facility
  • fully automatic vacuum sealing process, energy-saving
  • optional manual control of both, vacuum and sealing process
  • pilot lamps, power cord compartment
  • suction performance: 10 litres/minute
  • pump vacuum: 60 cm/Hg (- 0.8 bar)
  • hose port to vacuum-seal special containers
  • qualified for wall mounting
  • incl. foil roll, 20 bags, vacuuming hose, opener for Leifheit-type jars


The VAC 300 Exclusive grants a professional though easy and convenient vacuuming process. Food kept under vacuum will stay fresh 3 – 5 times longer, because 97 % of the air gets extracted by suction. No matter if vacuum sealed in foil bags or in the special vacuuming containers – the potential of applications is almost endless. Handling is utmost comfortable: in the foil compartment the required special foil rolls stay ready for use and with the integrated cutter the foil is cut to the needed length quickly. The vacuuming process runs automatically, but both, intensity of the vacuum and the sealing time, can be adjusted manually to the food to be packed, so that even very sensitive foods can be vacuumed easily. The booster level and the twice adjustable sealing seam, the variety of available accessories, the great potential of applications and the wall-fastening feature turn this exclusive appliance into an indispensable kitchen gadget, which will for sure convince also the most demanding user.

Additional Information

Type VAC 300
Product Colour white
Power Output 230 V 170 W
Item weight 2,50 kg
Dimensions 39,50 x 17,50 x 12,00 cm
Pump capacity 10 l/min
Hose connection
Film width up to 30 cm width
Special Features Including: - 20 plastic bags (20 x 30 cm), foil roll ( 30 x 300 cm) - vauum hose - opener for Leifheit-type jars
EAN 4001797822000
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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