• fully-automatic vacuum-sealing in one working step
  • individual vacuum-sealing for pressure-sensitive food
  • manual sealing, also for making bags
  • high-performance double piston pump, max. performance 18 l/min.
  • marinating programme
  • 2 pump rates
  • 3 sealing times
  • robust sealing bar for a firm 3 mm seam
  • LED display, illuminated inspection window, pilot lamps
  • patented locking techniques, foil compartment with cutting device
  • vacuum chamber is removable and dishwasher-proof, cord compartment
  • hose port for vacuum-sealing containers, separate accessory box
  • incl. 5 bags, 1 roll, vacuuming hose, cutter


Clever portioning, preservation of flavour and freshness: vacuum-sealed food keeps freshness 3 – 5 times longer! This exclusive vacuuming system is perfect for all ranges of use with increased frequency of use like gastronomy, small trade and large households. The appliance is excellently suitable for preparing food for sous vide cooking – the new trend in award-winning cuisine. With the innovative marinating programme, the taste of meat, poultry, game and fish can be refined in no time. Superior material and state-of the-art technology ensure convenient handling. The integrated foil compartment with safety cutting device keeps the special foil necessary for vacuum-sealing ready. Depending on your requirements, you can vacuum-seal fully automatically or manually; both the vacuum intensity and the duration of sealing can be set individually. The high-performance double piston pump extracts up to 97 % of the air, afterwards, the special bags will be sealed with a very firm sealing seam. The enclosed vacuuming hose furthermore, allows convenient vacuum-sealing in special containers (available as accessories). Work economically and enjoy always fresh – ROMMELSBACHER’s VAC 500 is an exclusive, indispensable kitchen aid convincing even the most demanding users!

Additional Information

Type VAC 500
Product Colour stone grey/anthracite
Power Output 230 V 130 W
Item weight 3,80 kg
Dimensions 44,00 x 25,00 x 11,00 cm
Pump capacity 18 l/min
Hose connection
Film width up to 30 cm width
Special Features marinating programme, 2 pump rates, 3 sealing times
EAN 4001797825100
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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