The best waffles – delicious, crispy and super easy

  • elegant casing made of brushed stainless steel: chic, superior and easy to clean
  • baking surface: 18 cm Ø, for 5 waffl e-hearts
  • baking plates with excellent non-stick coating, thus very easy to clean
  • infi nitely variable temperature regulation for individual browning
  • well-arranged baking lights with 2 pilot lamps
  • heat-insulated handle, overheating protection
  • integrated cord take-up
  • space-saving upright storage

Preparing tasty waffl e variations in a blink: whether sweet for children’s parties and the coffee table or as a savoury variant to pep the game night.


Tasty waffles must not be missing at a children’s birthday party. Also at the coffee party in the afternoon or just in between, the sweet hearts are quickly made and are always a nice surprise. As a savoury variant they go with beer or wine and pep game nights. The stepless temperature regulation ensures an individual browning, the baking lights a simple operation. Non-stick coated baking plates allow for low-fat waffle baking and easy cleaning. The closed stainless steel casing does not only make for an especially elegant look, also overflowed dough can be removed fast. And – this automatic waffle maker can be stored in an extremely space-saving way – upright in the kitchen cabinet.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type WA 1000/E
Product Colour stainless steel
Material casing stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 1000 W
Item weight 2,09 kg
Dimensions 25,00 x 25,50 x 9,00 cm
Baking area 18 cm Ø, for 5 waffle hearts
Non-stick coating erstklassige Antihaftbeschichtung, daher sehr leicht zu reinigen
Special Features heat-insulated handle and infinitely variable temperature regulation
EAN 4001797830005
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
How do I clean the waffle maker? Can parts be cleaned in a dishwasher?
No part should/must be cleaned in the dishwasher. The anti-stick coated plates cannot be detached. Ideally after the appliance has cooled down to lukewarm, wipe the casing with a damp, soft cloth. Residues on the grooves in the baking plate can be removed with a soft brush or a damp cloth. How do the baking lights work?    
The baking lights are for your orientation only. Depending on your preferences you may leave the waffles in the waffle maker longer or take them out earlier to reach your preferred level of browning. The baking light work as follows:
Once turned on, the red light will start glowing and the waffle maker will start heating up. Once the light turns green the heating process has finished dough can be filled in and the waffle maker can be closed afterwards. After this, the light will switch to red again. After reaching the individually adjustable baking temperature the light switches back to green again and the waffle should be done. Why do my waffles get done unevenly?
Results will differ depending on recipe and amount of dough and fat applied. For good results these factors and your personal preferences have to be taken into account when determining the perfect baking time. Potentially applying some oil to the baking plates (for doughs with low fat content) and filling the dough right in the center may help in getting even results. The waffle maker should also be placed on a heat-resistant, stable and even surface. If after baking you find the waffles to be too light in color they can be left in appliance longer until a satisfying level of browning has been reached. During baking you may need to control the process sporadically. Keep in mind the baking lights are for your orientation only. Depending on your preferences you may leave the waffles in the waffle maker longer or take them out earlier.


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