The smallest electrical hot plate “Made in Germany” – the ideal companion for every journey

  • superior casing made of stainless steel and plastic in a handy size
  • durable cast iron heating plate: heating zone 80 mm Ø
  • infinitely variable temperature regulation
  • with automatic cooking system and overheating protection
  • non-slip rubber feet for a safe stand
  • integrated cord take-up
  •  travelling kit matched by
    - a non-stick coated aluminium pot (0.9 l)
    - a practical zip case for a compact storage

Small, compact, portable – these handy travel hot plates are easy to stow, therefore ready for use at any place in no time.


Whether holiday or weekend trip – this superior small travel hot plate is a convenient travel companion. The heating unit features a durable cast iron heating plate with infinitely variable temperature regulation, automatic cooking system and overheating protection. The perfect technology for preparing small quantities of food or beverages en route, but also for heating or keeping warm small dishes at home. Together with the light aluminium pot, the hot plate is packed in a handy zip case.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type RK 501/S
Product Colour stainless steel/black
Material casing stainless steel/plastic
Power Output 230 V 500 W
Item weight 0,98 kg
Dimensions 17,50 x 15,50 x 13,50 cm
Hob-type cast iron heating plate
Cooking zones 1
Cooking zone 1 80 mm Ø, 500 W
Special Features Inclusive a non-stick coated aluminium pot (0.9 l) and non-slip rubber feet for a safe stand
EAN 4001797132055
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
What size of pot can be used for cooking on the hot plate?
The diameter of the cooking zone is 8 cm. The pot used should not exceed this measurement by a lot. It is best to use the original pot, since the special form prevents it from slipping off the plate. How much does the hot plate weigh accessories included?
The complete set weighs in at roughly 1 kg. The cooking plate weighs about 730 g, the pot around 190 g and the zip pouch around 70 g. Can accessory parts be purchased separately?
Yes, pot and zip pouch can be purchased separately. Can the cooking plate be used in other countries at 115 Volt?
No, RK 501 and RK 501/S can only be operated with 230 V. RK 501/SU however contains a voltage selector switch, enabling an easy switch between 230 and 115 V. With this the hot plate can be used e.g. in the USA using an adapter. Can I cook noodles or rice on the hot plate?
The travel hot plate can be used like any other hot plate. You can use it to bring water to a boil for cooking  e. g. coffee, noodles, rice or vegetables. Since the plate itself has a small diameter, only small pots can be used and only small amounts of food can be prepared. What measurements does the cooking plate have?
The casing measures roughly 14 x 14 x7 cm. The cooking zone has a diameter of 8 cm. The pot measures 17.5 x 17.5 x 13.5 cm accordingly for a combined volume of 0.9 l. The base unit can be stored inside the pot for transport.


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