Healthy can be so delicious ...


A balanced lifestyle of course includes exercise, fresh air as well as a varied nutrition. Crispy vegetables, high quality meat, fresh fruits – that must be healthy, doesn’t it? Yes and no, because not only the right ingredients decide upon how many nutrients come to the table. It depends on the right way of preparation.


Healthy enjoyment – Is this possible?

In any case the motto is: do-it-yourself. Ready meals better stay in the bag, because they often contain bad fats, enormous amounts of sugar or artificial additives like flavour enhancers. A rule of thumb is: the more it has been processed, the more unhealthy it is – both for humans and the environment (key word: CO2 balance). Moreover, by putting meals quickly into the oven and into the mouth, a very important aspect is lost: the pleasure of cooking and enjoying.




Healthy cooking – How does it work?

Some experts swear by the blood type diet, others count on the Ayurvedic diet. Once the Glyx diet was the latest trend, at another time you could not get around the food combining diet. Finally everybody has to find out himself, what benefits the stomach, flatters the tongue and can be incorporated best into everyday life. Listen to your body: he will tell you what he needs. Either way: with the proper preparation you make the first move to a permanent vital life.



Steam cookers | Gentle steam cooking, so that vegetables keep their healthy ingredients

There is not much left from the original vitamins for those, who still boil spinach, carrots & co. too hot and in water. Cook your vegetables gently with a steam cooker.      This is one of the most healthy ways of food preparation. Thereby taste, vitamins, colour and nutrients of the fresh food are largely maintained and you sparingly need to use fat, salt and spices. Particularly convenient: In the steam cooker you can prepare different food at the same time and enjoy a complete healthy menu without much effort.

And those, thinking that only asparagus and other vegetables can be prepared in the steam cooker, let us tell you that also fish, poultry as well as other meat, eggs, dumplings, rice and compote will come out deliciously.

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Food dehydrator  | Delicious, healthy, trendy

With our food dehydrator you do not only preserve fruit, vegetables or herbs particularly gently.
If you like fingerfood, provide yourself with healthy snacks like e. g. fruit leather and beef jerky. If you suffer from allergies, make your own safe ingredients for soups, muesli, tea or sauces. Decoration fans can “dry” their own decoration material from nature.

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Ice cream maker | Our ‚Kurt‘ for ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet and slush

Our ‘Kurt’ - a specialist for frozen delicacies made of self-selected ingredients, is a popular guest in every family. With this practical ice cream maker you easily conjure all sorts of frozen ice cream creations at home. Our ice cream maker Kurt spoils you with creamy ice made of natural ingredients, delicious, low-fat frozen yogurts, light sorbets made of fresh fruits and trendy slushies. Whether sugar-free, low-fat, vegan or lactose-free – you decide for the ingredients of your ice cream and there are hardly any limits to your fantasy. Only a 4-star freezer compartment is necessary, thus you always have the pre-cooled freezing container (or several of these) close at hand.

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Yogurt maker | Make your own natural yogurt

Homemade natural yogurt without unknown or undesired ingredients … what could be more delicious, wholesome and healthy? Use our yogurt maker in order to always have a supply of natural yogurt available for cakes, sauces or other dishes. This finally puts an end to the many mixed yogurt cups which would end up in the waste – with homemade yogurt made from regional milk you do good for yourself and for the environment. By the way, you can also produce soy yogurt in the ROMMELSBACHER yogurt maker.

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Oil press | Cold-pressed, homemade fresh oils

With this extraordinary oil press you can gently press high-quality oils from oleaginous nuts and seeds.

Homemade Oils without artificial additives, extracted in a gentle cold press procedure, are important for a balanced diet (aromas, vitamins and nutrients are maintained). They also serve the ambitious hobby cook as essential ingredient for modern dishes. But as well for the natural cosmetics, fresh pressed oils are a high-quality basis.

There is also a concentrate of tasty ingredients in the press residues, which in the end are wonderful ingredients for cooking and baking. Whether for cakes, as thickener for sauces or for tasty muesli bars – with our oil press you get the best out of the foods.

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