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With ROMMELSBACHER juicers, table blenders and citrus juicers it’s easy to freshly prepare fruit and vegetable juices daily. A simple drink as contribution for healthiness, which supplies the necessary vitamins and mineral substances to little “vegetable refusers”, too.

Rommelsbacher-Mango-Orange-Ingwer Smoothie




Juicers | Preparing rich in vitamin juices in no time

Juicers extracting fresh juice from fruits and vegetables with centrifugal force are perfect for those who want to process bigger quantities of fruits regularly. No matter whether you prepare freshly-squeezed juices as a breakfast drink fort the large family or extract the juice of your fruit harvest for preparing jellies - the powerful electric ROMMELSBACHER juicers work effectively, sturdy and reliably.

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High-performance blenders | Working at full throttle: Kitchen professionals with high speed

Whether green smoothies, creamy shakes or colourful mixed drinks – our high-performance blender convinces with perfect results. The efficient 2 HP motor generates extremely high speeds, thereby breaking the plant fibres and releasing valuable nutrients in the green smoothies. With the ROMMELSBACHER high speed blender you can do even more: almond butter and soy milk, mill grains to flour and also your soups and sauces get deliciously creamy. Additionally these high-performance blenders score by simple handling as well as comfortable cleaning, like all of our table blenders.

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Table blenders | Fully in line with current trends: the mixture does the trick

Our big family of table blenders offers the suitable appliance for each household and each application. From “very small” with to-go-mixing containers up to the 2 HP strong, “big” high speed blender everything is available. And you can not only process fruits and vegetables into smoothies, shakes, lassies & Co.! You can use the blenders also for stirring pancake batter, shred dry bread to bread crumps or obtain almond butter from roasted almonds. Please convince yourself of the many possibilities for using our blenders. A table blender is an essential all-rounder which belongs to the standard equipment of every kitchen.

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Citrus juicers | Freshly-squeezed juices – perfect between meals

Prepare your vitamin rush in the twinkling of an eye. Thanks to the two different press cones, the elegant citrus juicers made by ROMMELSBACHER get everything out of orange, lemon, grapefruit & Co. Just a slight pressure, then the powerful motor takes over. Thus you don’t only squeeze very easy all kinds of citrus fruits in winter for the daily supply of vitamin C.

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