People have always been looking for possibilities to permanently preserve food – after all we have to eat something all year round. But today we do not live in the Stone Age any more: Everybody has a supermarket in the direct vicinity, a refrigerator in one’s own four walls and a can opener at hand. So the question is whether preserving still is up-to-date?
We think that …

Rommelsbacher save the nutrients and eat healthy


… PRESERVING food is reasonable…

  • You know exactly what’s in your jam & Co. and what’s not.
  • Lots of nutrients and vitamins are preserved during the process.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your garden work whenever you want and reduce spoilage.
  • Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables in larger quantities and save money.
  • Refine food to exclusive delicacies.
  • Pamper spontaneous guests with small treats.
  • Conjure popular gifts from the kitchen.


… and creates joy!

Extraordinary jam creations on your breakfast table, dried tomatoes as starter or pickled vegetables as side dish for supper – do-it-yourself is absolutely the trend. Even we can online order food items with a single click and delivery services can bring any dishes of the world to your door, we, the people from ROMMELSBACHER, have the experience that people have the desire for preserves – for DIY. 

You, too? Here you find three possibilities for preserving food:




Food dehydrator | Delicious, healthy, trendy

With our food dehydrator you do not only gently preserve fruits, vegetables or herbs. If you like to snack, then provide yourself with healthy snacks as e. g. fruit leather and beef jerky. If you are allergic to certain foods, then supply yourself with safe ingredients for soups, muesli, tea or sauces. Decoration lovers easily “dry” their own natural deco material.

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Auto-preserving cookers | Preserving food – everything else than “old-fashioned“

Enjoy the fruits of summer all year round. With these practical auto-preserving cookers you conserve fruits, vegetables, juices and jams in a healthy and comfortable way. Also for catering at family celebrations or club events – when it comes to heating bigger quantities, the ROMMELSBACHER appliances are always popular helpers.

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Vacuum sealers | 3 to 5 times longer shelf-life: Vacuuming foods is worth it

Use this clever and modern form of food storage. Just prepare the desired foods, put them into a vacuuming bag or vacuuming container, start the vacuum sealer, relax – ready! Thus you preserve the taste of foods as well as their freshness and appearance. Also perfect for the modern Sous-Vide cooking.

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Vacuuming supplies | Varied accessories set the mood for freshness

Foil bags

In the patented, special foil bags and foil rolls you can store foods space-savingly and secure them from freezer burn in the freezer and later heat them in the microwave. They are heat-proof and therefore also perfectly suitable for Sous Vide cooking. The sturdy, multilayer quality foil is made for multiple use.


Vacuuming container

There is a big selection of practical multipurpose containers for pantry, refrigerator and freezer. The container is connected with the vacuum sealer through a hose and thus the air is removed. Like this also sensible foods like e. g. pastry and salad can be kept fresh for a long time.

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