Rommelsbacher Tee Blüten

No matter whether baby’s changing table radiators, immersion heaters or warming trays –
ROMMELSBACHER electrical small appliances always go into action when it should get and stay warm at the touch of a button.




Hot beverage dispensers | Cold outside, hot inside

Our hot beverage dispensers are the ideal companions for open air wintry events. No matter if for dispensing hot wine, punch, tea or coffee – the temperature of the beverages can be regulated steplessly, pouring out is easy as it can be done directly into cups via the outlet tap.
An outstanding practical appliance made of high quality and easy-care materials which ROMMELSBACHER offers in two sizes.

VIew Hot Beverage Dispenser

Immersion heaters | A classic appliance made in Germany

Whether when travelling, in the office or at home – with our handy and powerful stainless steel immersion heaters you can heat up water directly in a heat-resistant vessel at your choice. A heat resistant handle with spacer as well as an integrated overheating protection guarantee an absolutely safe use.

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Warming trays | Perfect for keeping food warm permanently

You can use your ROMMELSBACHER warming trays and the heat storing warming tray on many occasions: on the serving trolley at a festive buffet just like at the family celebration or garden party. Our various warming trays in noble design keep your dishes reliably at the desired temperature and therefore are essential, attractive and very versatile appliances for your household.

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Baby’s changing-table radiator | Cosy warmth within seconds

Whether when changing your baby‘s nappy or after a long bath – immediate, noiseless and safe infrared warmth surrounds your sweetheart in seconds. The application field of our infrared heater is wide. It can be used wherever warmth is quickly needed. Also in hobby rooms, entrance halls, bathrooms, winter gardens or on sheltered balconies.

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