BBQ with power – all year long


When having a BBQ, everybody is in agreement. Or not at all. More meat? Vegan preferred? Grilled desserts? And the side dishes as well?

As different as the tastes, as wide is the choice of barbecue recipes, grill-appliances and foods. But there are suitable accessories for really every preference.

Our wide range of electric grills for table, balcony, terrace or garden convinces even some of the confirmed charcoal or gas grill fans. The taste is outstanding, handling and cleaning as well. You just have to do without smoke, fire, explosive gas and black ashes

Burger mit Rommelsbacher Elektrogrill zubereitet


Rommelsbacher Raclette mit Fleisch Gemüse Käse

There is nothing more flexible than an electric grill. And it is quickly ready for use! Besides that, we can take it with us from the terrace to the living room when the nice weather takes a break. And in the raclette version it’s the perfect partner for a convivial BBQ with family and friends even in wintertime.

In rented apartments, electric grills often are the only possibility to spice up the weekend with grilled summer dishes. No smoke, no coal dust, no black ashes will trouble your neighbour.

Relaxed enjoyment will additionally be rewarded with an easy cleaning “afterwards”.


The large selection of ROMMELSBACHER electric grills is worth seeing! We produce extra-hot Ceran© grills „Made in Germany“ to grill directly on glass! We have various BBQ table top grills with coated and corrugated grill plates and special features. There are contact grills and grills in Teppanyaki style and of course our various grills with additional raclette section are the fast seller at local indoor BBQs all year-round. We leave nothing to be desired, even grilling on natural stone is possible. You will be surprised!

Rommelsbacher Made in Germany


Ceran® grills | Electric grilling on highest level

Whether sausages or fish, vegetables or fried potatoes: With our Ceran© grills with easy-care stainless steel casings you grill directly on glass. Even very high grill temperatures are possible. By the way, have you ever tried to fry eggs on charcoal? Or crispy bacon on the quick? This is not possible without an additional pan. However, this is no problem on our Ceran© grills. Also pancakes or fruits grilled on glass as a dessert are fantastic.

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Fondue Set | Get together and enjoy your fondue

Whether with cheese, oil, bouillon or chocolate – our fondue set ensures delicious and safe food experiences. A well-insulated fondue pot with ceramic coating, a splash protection made from stainless steel, six fondue forks, a glass lid for quick heating as well as an extra-long cable make the fondue set most welcome at the table – not only on New Year’s Eve or at Christmas.

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Contact grills | It’s getting hot: move closer together with the grillables

An extremely variable grill with three grilling positions, offering the right solution for any way of preparation.

In position “Contact grilling”: direct contact and heat transfer both from top and bottom. Thereby grillables get the favoured grill marks. Panini and filled toasts are pressed together appetizingly and heated to the core.

Toasting in position “Gratinating”: perfect for deliciously gratinated baguettes, toasts, vegetable & more.

Grilling on the flat surface grill: you can double the grill surface by just opening up the grill plates and you have a large scale table top and party grill.

The non-stick coated grill plates stand out by a fat drain for low-fat grilling and are easily removable for easy cleaning at the “happy end”.

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Raclette grills | Enjoy your raclette in company

Often raclettes come into use only for Christmas or at New Year’s Eve. We think that’s far too seldom. For what can be better than to be at table together with family or friends and melt cheese over all sorts of things? ROMMELSBACHER raclettes also cut quite a dash in summer time on the terrace. High quality materials guarantee having fun with grill and raclette all year long. No matter whether in the outdoor area or at table.

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Sandwich Maker | Made for extra crispy moments

A Sandwich Maker is the perfect kitchen aid to prepare a small, hot meal, to cater for guests in no time or to allow yourself a snack in between. It’s up to you whether you fill your sandwich spicy or sweet. But it applies for all ROMMELSBACHER models that they are easy to operate and to clean and guarantee lots of fun in preparing snacks.  

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Table top grills | Rich grilling experience, excellent results

Whether outdoors or in the privacy of your home, ROMMELSBACHER table top grills care for perfect grill fun without smoke, fire and ashes. When grilling with electricity, you will always receive perfect results thanks to the very fast heating up and an infinitely adjustable temperature control. On top of that you do not have to dispose ashes or charcoal residuals und the cleaning after grilling is a piece of cake!

In the end there is no need to decide “either – or”, because an electric grill is a very good idea as a secondary appliance, too.

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Waffle Makers | No matter if sweet or spicy: Waffles are always welcome!

Already for a long time these baked delicacies are very popular with all ages. We do not want to be without them for the children’s birthday party up to coffee parties or lunch specials. During the past few years these quick snacks - also in spicy version - are conquering the hearts of the gourmets. Whether in pizza style or with herbs and cheese, whether with yeast dough or puff pastry – the possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Also for new cooking trends and for food bloggers waffles are always a subject. Regarding ingredients, you can adapt them to your own gusto and thus they are best suited also for low-carb, vegan or gluten-free recipes. It’s up to you whether you prefer the heart-shaped variation or the form of Belgian waffles. They are all very delicious!

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