• frameless, with front-sided faceting
  • heating zone 145 mm Ø 1200 W
  • two-circuit heating zone 180/220 mm Ø 2200 W
  • Schott Ceran® cooktop
  • HiLight® heating elements, Touch Control regulation, automatic temperature control
  • timer 1 – 99 min.
  • 2 residual heat and 1 ON/OFF indicator
  • mounting dimensions: 270 x 500 x 75 mm


For installation into every kitchen worktop: whether in the office, small households or holiday flats. High-quality built-in hobs, either in stainless steel design, or with genuine Schott Ceran® cooktop to satisfy the demanding. Technology ranging from HiLight® to induction. Delivery scope includes a complete installation kit and a power cord with safety plug.

Additional Information

Type EBC 3477/TC
Product Colour black
Power Output 230 V 3400 W
Item weight 5,30 kg
Dimensions 28,80 x 52,00 x 7,00 cm
Hob-type HiLight® radiant heaters
Cooking surface 2 cooking zones: 1-circuit heating element 145 mm Ø, 1200 W / 2-circuit heating element 140/210 mm Ø, 1000/2200 W
Cooking zones 2
Cooking zone 1 145 mm Ø, 1200 W
Cooking zone 2 140/210 mm Ø, 1000/2200 W
Assembly Dimension 270 x 500 x 69 mm
Special Features frameless, all-over cooking surface made of genuine Schott Ceran®, attractive, durable and easy to clean
EAN 4001797514004
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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