• "Made in Germany"
  • heating zone 140 mm Ø 1000 W
  • heating zone 210 mm Ø 2200 W
  • original Schott Ceran® cooking surface
  • casing made of superior stainless steel, brushed and sanded
  • featuring an unmatched and especially shapely Softline Design
  • power-saving 2-circuit HiLight® technology, allowing for an extra-large heating zone (210 mm Ø) to be switched on in addition
  • energy regulator infinitely variable
  • overheating protection and automatic cooking system
  • residual heat indication and pilot lamp


A “HiLight®” of German make, standing out by its elegant design and high-end technology. Whether used as additional appliance in the kitchen or as a mobile cooking facility in offices, holiday flats or at the table – this 2-circuit cooking plate impresses by its high utility value and the superior materials. The easy-care stainless steel casing and the original Schott Ceran® cooking surface offer high standards. The 2-circuit solution allows using either the 140 mm Ø heating zone or an extra-large zone of 210 mm Ø. The temperature can be adjusted via an infinitely variable energy regulator; the pilot lamp and the residual heat indicator ensure perfect safety in operation. A very special cooking plate, meeting high-end demands!

Additional Information

Type CT 2200/E
Product Colour black/stainless steel
Material casing stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 2200 W
Item weight 2,70 kg
Dimensions 30,50 x 41,00 x 7,50 cm
Hob-type HiLight® radiant heaters
Schott CERAN®
Special Features genuine Schott Ceran® cooking surface - very easy to clean
EAN 4001797195005
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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