Delicious, creative, low-fat: grilling on glass like a professional – produced in Germany

  • superior, easy-care casing made of brushed stainless steel
  • shapely Softline design
  • genuine Schott Ceran® grill surface with integrated keep-warm zone
  • powerful heating element for quick heating-up and optimal heat distribution
  • temperature range up to 380 °C, perfect for searing
  • infinitely variable temperature
  • retractable knob, child-proof and splash-guarded
  • integrated, removable stainless steel fat collection channel and lift-up foot for slant position for healthy low-fat grilling
  • pilot lamp, overheating protection
  • grill surface: 36 x 27 cm
  • Including: cleaning scraper

Grilling on glass ceramic is in vogue and offers a variety of possible applications. Whether meat, sausages or fi sh, whether vegetables, fried potatoes, pancakes and other desserts: everything can be perfectly grilled, roasted and kept warm!


Grilling on glass ceramic – an elegant and extraordinary variation. Enjoy the perfectly shaped design of the superior stainless steel casing, which is attractive to look at, easily cleaned and absolutely trendy. Grilling on glass ceramic – fat-free, healthy and versatile. Pamper yourself and your guests with steaks, sausages, fish, vegetables, fried potatoes, pancakes and other delicious dishes after your fancy. Enjoy the grill’s powerful heating element featuring 2000 W, providing for the ideal grilling temperature in just a few minutes. The temperature control is infinitely variable via the energy regulator, to be activated using the retractable, and thus child-proof, knob. Furthermore, you can look forward to a pleasant finish, for both the handy scraper and the removable stainless steel fat-collecting channel allow for the appliance to be cleaned swiftly and without effort.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type CG 2303/E
Product Colour stainless steel/black
Material casing stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 2000 W
Item weight 4,66 kg
Dimensions 55,00 x 32,50 x 6,50 cm
Grill surface 36 x 27 cm
Material grillplate Schott CERAN®
Special Features temperature range up to 380°, perfect for searing
EAN 4001797196200
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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How do I clean the grill?
While the grill plate is still hot, heavy soiling, grease and burnt leftovers can easily be removed with the included cleaning scraper. After cooling down, clean the plate with warm water and little detergent and rub dry. Burnt-in leftovers should be soaked by drizzling water with some detergent onto the plate beforehand. If more persistent soiling is left on the cold surface, remove it with an appropriate cleanser for Ceran® cooking surfaces. For this rub the entire grill surface with some drops of the cleaning agent using a kitchen tissue, until there are no more residues. Make sure not to leave leftover cleaning agents on the grill plate. Cleaning agents should not come into contact with foods. During grilling I experienced unpleasantly heavy fat splattering and/or smoke. What can I do?
The reason for splattering is the water content of the food. Vegetables with high water content for example will produce heavier splattering than dry food. The water content of meat often depends on the quality of the meat. The higher the quality of your meat, the less splattering will occur. More splattering will also occur if a lot of fat and oil have accumulated on the grill. Smoke development often stems from marinades containing too many heat sensitive spices. These tend to burn on the hot grill causing smoke. To avoid burnt spices and herbs grill marinated foods on lower temperature or add spices (e.g. by via herb butters) after grilling.


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