Party fun for convivial evenings – with 4 pans, extendable to 8 or 12 pans

  • casing of brushed aluminium-cast
  • solid aluminium-cast grill plate, 41 x 10 cm
  • high-quality two-layer non-stick coating Xylan® Plus for easy cleaning
  • smart parking level for hot pans not in use
  • 4 non-stick coated pans with heat insulated handles
  • infinitely variable temperature control, pilot lamp, overheating protection
  • extra-long detachable power cord
  • Including: 4 shovels for turning food, 1 power cord, 1 connection cord

Elegant design – superior fi nish – subtle enjoyment…
Elaborate details – pans can be used at all sides of the unit
Perfect results – temperature individually settable


The elegant raclette & grill series is flexibly combinable at your table and leaves nothing to be desired. Its superior materials and excellent finish make it a real party star. Thanks to its stable aluminum-cast casing, the appliance stands securely and the solid grill plate ensures optimum heat distribution. Its temperature can be adjusted indefinitely variably just as required. Meat and sausages and also fish and vegetables come out perfectly on this grill plate. You can cook au gratin 4 different snacks in your pans at the same time on each appliance or melt your raclette cheese. During pauses you can store used pans safely and place-savingly in the integrated parking level. The superior non-stick coating of the grill plate and the pans cater for especially convenient handling and ensure swift cleaning. As special feature of this series, you can combine up to three individual appliances via connector cable. Since it can be upgraded to up to 12 pans, great raclette and grilling fun is guaranteed even with larger groups!

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type RC 800
Product Colour silver
Material casing brushed aluminium-cast
Power Output 230 V 795 W
Item weight 2,75 kg
Dimensions 43,50 x 21,50 x 13,50 cm
Grill surface 41 x 10 cm
Material grillplate solid aluminium-cast grill plate
Non-stick coating 2 Lagen Antihaftbeschichtung Xylan® Plus
Number of Pans 4 non-stick coated pans with heat insulated handles
Special Features uprade up to 12 pans possible - smart parking level for hot pans not in use
EAN 4001797239402
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
Does it take a lot of work to connect multiple grills?
The grills can be connected and disconnected easily with little effort. To connect two grills alongside one another use the joining element on the grill´s underside. Using the detachable connection cord included both grills can be operated using one easily attachable cord only. Two or three grills can also be connected in series. For this cords can also be attached easily and without tools quickly. How many grills can be connected in a row?
Up to three grills can be connected in a row safely. What is the difference between RC 800 and RC 1600?
RC 1600 is a set consisting of two RC 800.


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