Multi-purpose combinations for great party fun

  • casing made of heat-proof synthetic material
  • 2 turnover grill plates made of die-cast aluminium, each 23 x 23 cm
    - ribbed side for typical grill marks
    - smooth side with embossed form for making Crêpes
  • grill plate and pans with superior 2-layer non-stick coating “Xylan® Plus for best results and easy cleaning
  • 1 natural stone grill plate made of granite, scratch and cut resistant, with circumferential juice groove, ideal for low-fat grilling
  • temperature controlled steplessly by thermostat, overheating protection
  • pilot lamp
  • with extra-long power cord (2 m)
  • integrated cord take-up
  • Including: 8 superior, non-stick coated pans with heat-insulated handle, 8 spatulas

This high quality raclette made by ROMMELSBACHER guarantees even more culinary variety when raclette-grilling. You can freely combine the different turnover grill plates, thus you are flexible in choosing and combining the grilling surfaces. Whether on both of the high quality coated turnover grill plates (one side corrugated, the other one smooth) or on natural stone - there is an excellent selection to suit all tastes. On the granite plate you can grill directly on the stone. This material is scratch- and cut-resistant and provides outstanding grill result, no matter whether for meat, fish or vegetables. The circumferential juice groove collects grease or liquids and thus allows for low fat grilling. The both die-cast aluminum grills can be used on both sides. Whether grilling with the typical grilling marks or rather in Teppanyaki style on a smooth plate - everything is possible. The 8 non-stick coated pans can be used as raclette pans for cheese or for gratinating delicious snacks and side-dishes to suit your own taste. A popular and versatile raclette version for all year long grill fun at table.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type RCS 1350
Product Colour black/stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 1350 W
Item weight 5,66 kg
Dimensions 48,00 x 23,50 x 13,50 cm
Material grillplate Natural stone (granite), die-cast aluminum
Non-stick coating 2-Lagen Xylan® Plus
Number of Pans 8
EAN 4001797239600
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
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Is the appliance really turned off, when set to "off"?
Yes, the RCS 1350 is really turned off when the rotary switch is set to "off". Can grill plates and pans be cleaned in a dishwasher?
The grill plates and raclette pans are equipped with a high quality non-stick coating and can therefore be cleaned by hand easily. Cleaning in a dishwasher is neither necessary nor recommended. As a natural product the stone plate should not be cleaned in the dishwasher either. The salts used in a dishwasher will surely damage the non-stick coating over time. Please find detailed recommendations for easy cleaning in the instruction manual, which can be downloaded on our website.  Is it also possible to insert the pans sideways?
Yes, it is possible to insert the pans from all 4 sides, so that everybody at the table can reach the pans easily.


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