Natural yogurt – without artificial flavours and preserving agents

  • for making up to 1200 g of natural yogurt in 8 portions
  • attractive casing with easy-care stainless steel
  • well-arranged LCD display
  • simple operation via push buttons
  • timer up to 18 hours
  • automatic switch-off with signal tone
  • electronically-controlled temperature regulation
  • separate on-off switch with overheating protection
  • removable, clear cover
  • Including: 8 jars holding 150 ml each, with lid

Delicious yoghurt, natural & homemade.


Just make the probably most popular “snack for in between” yourself! Home-made natural yogurt without unknown and unwanted ingredients is a natural and well digestible aliment whose regular consumption promotes health. By means of the Rommelsbacher yogurt maker, you can prepare up to 1200 g natural yogurt which can be kept for at least 1 week in the refrigerator. Home-made yogurt allows for many sweet and hearty variations and you can decide individually on the ingredients. Furthermore, a supply of natural yogurt as basis for further use (for cakes, sauces, dessert, etc.), should not be missing in a healthy kitchen. The appliance is simple to operate, easy to clean and the storage is space-saving due to the chic square design.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type JG 40
Product Colour stainless steel/black
Material casing stainless steel
Power Output 230 V 40 W
Item weight 2,12 kg
Dimensions 34,50 x 18,50 x 13,50 cm
Timer ja
Storage Capacity 1200 gramm of yogurt in 8 portions
Special Features Including: 8 jars holding 150 ml each, with lid and date display
EAN 4001797860002
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
Can I purchase additional jars?
Yes, additional jars and screw tops are available as a set (8 jars and screw tops per set) under article No. JG 8. Extra jars are great for storing yogurt. Can I also make curd/ cream cheese, etc. with the Yogurt Maker?
No. The JG 40 Yogurt Maker can only make yogurt. The yogurt however can be processed into curd, cream cheese, etc. using certain heating and/or draining techniques. Can the Yogurt Maker be used to make non-dairy yogurt out of vegan milk?
For some non-dairy products this is possible. Making soy yogurt from soy milk and soy yogurt cultures works well. For other non-dairy yogurts you will need (vegan) thickening agents like agar-agar. What types of milk can be used to make yogurt with the Yogurt Maker? In respect to fat content, fresh/raw milk, lactose-free milk or goat milk?
In principle, any animal milk can be used to make yogurt. For health and safety reasons, raw milk should be heated up to 85 °C at least once before yogurt production. The more fat the milk contains, the more firm and creamy the yogurt will get. Do not be afraid to experiment with milks other than cow’s milk. Goat or sheep milk make tasty yogurt as well.   My yogurt does not get the desired consistency? What can I do?
In case your yogurt has become too firm, try to shorten the ripening period next time or use milk with lower fat content. Should your yogurt not be firm enough, you may either leave the yogurt in the fridge longer for the ripening process or use milk with higher fat content next time. Adding milk powder to the milk beforehand (1 tsp. per liter milk) often helps as well. How long does the yogurt stay fresh?
The yogurt made with the yogurt maker is good for consumption for about a week. The exact duration is highly dependent on how clean the used utensils were and how fresh and whether or not the ingredients used were perfectly hygienic.


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