Tasty & versatile – for homemade ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, slush...

  • easy-care stainless steel casing
  • simple handling, energy-saving operation
  • detachable motor block with illuminated LCD display
  • 40-minute timer, on/off switch
  • removable 1.5 l freezer bowl for 500 ml contents
  • detachable stirrer unit, overheating protection
  • completely dismountable, easy to clean
  • Including: ice cream scoop, lid for freezer bowl
  • Obtainable accessories: additional freezer bowl IB 05: volume 1.5 l

Salubrious & custom-made – also for vegan and lactose-free recipes.


With the versatile ROMMELSBACHER Ice Cream Maker it is very easy to create frozen delicacies also at home. The energy-efficient, but powerful 12 W motor provides for an even motion of the ice mass inside the pre-frozen freezer bowl and grants perfectly creamy results. Whether ice cream made of natural ingredients or frozen yogurt with yummy toppings, whether a refreshing fruit sorbet or trendy slushies – the possibilities are almost endless. Preparing ice cream with favourite ingredients (up to 500 ml per run) allows for personal ice creations of all kind, regardless if sugar-free, low-fat, vegan or lactose-free. This is a clear advantage also for those, whose diet range is restricted by food intolerances. Superior materials, simple operation and easy cleaning are matters of course. And various safety functions make also this ROMMELSBACHER appliance being an extraordinary and reliable aid in every good kitchen.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type IM 12
Product Colour stainless steel/black
Material casing stainless steel/plastic
Power Output 230 V 12 W
Item weight 2,94 kg
Dimensions 20,00 x 20,00 x 23,50 cm
Storage Capacity 1.5 liters
Filling quantity 500 ml
Timer 40 min
EAN 4001797866004
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
What material is the bowl made of?
The freezer bowl is made from uncoated aluminum. The casing on the outside is made of plastic. The aluminum allows for an optimal transmission of coldness onto the mixture. How do I clean the ice cream maker?
Ice cream scoop, stirrer and lid for the freezer bowl can be cleaned with the dishwasher. Casing parts can be cleaned with hot water, a wet dishcloth and if necessary some detergent. For the freezer bowl use warm water (no more than 40 °C) and some detergent.  Always let the bowl dry completely before again putting it back into the freezer for chilling. My ice cream does not get the desired consistency. What can I do?
For ideal consistency it is important to chill the bowl for at least 12 hours in a 4-star freezer at -18°C before ice cream production. How creamy and firm your ice cream will become also depends on the temperature of your ingredients as well as the ice cream´s fat and sugar content. The more fat and sugar the mixture contains the longer production will take, but the ice cream will also become creamier in the end.  Pre-chilling your ingredients will shorten production times. For some recipes you will have to transfer the mixture into a suitable bowl and continue chilling in the freezer after mixing is finished in order to get the desired consistency. In other recipes a firm consistency will already be reached before the mixing process has ended. Can I open the refill opening during mixing? Will this stop the machine?
The refill opening can be opened during mixing. This does not interrupt mixing. That way ingredients can be added during mixing. Can I purchase additional freezer bowls?
Yes, additional freezer bowls are available under the product No. IB 05. What freezing capacity does my freezer need to ensure perfect results?
The bowl has to be chilled for at least 12 hours at - 18 °C. For this you will need a 4-star freezer.


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