A powerful all-rounder – a perfect supplement to every kitchen

  • big volume: 30 l, for baking tins up to 29 cm Ø
  • 4 stainless steel heating elements for quick heating-up
  • infinitely variable temperature regulation from 80 °C to 230 °C
  • 7 heating modes: upper heat, lower heat, upper/lower heat, and each mode optional with circulating air for even baking and roasting results, separate defrost level
  • with motor-driven rotisserie spit for 1 chicken, spit-roast etc.
  • 120-minute timer with continuous setting and signal tone
  • illuminated oven chamber with non-stick coating for easy cleaning
  • double-glazed oven door with door gasket, simple dismounting for easy cleaning
  • 4 insertion levels, pilot lamp, overheating protection
  • Including: rotisserie set with separate handle, enamelled roasting/baking tray with separate handle, chromed grill grid, removable crumb tray

High energy efficiency due to a compact oven chamber and a double-glazed oven door with door gasket.


This baking oven & rotisserie grill is perfect for the small household and a perfect addition for every kitchen. By means of the rotisserie spit, also crispy chickens come out. By reason of the separately variable upper and lower heat, roasts and casseroles come out perfectly; several circulating air functions ensure even baking results of cakes and pizzas. The separate defrost level makes the versatility of this baking oven & rotisserie grill perfect. Whatever you are preparing, it will be done easily. The short pre-heating time of the stainless steel heating elements and the double-glazed oven door with door seal additionally help you saving energy. Pleasant ease of use is provided by the 120-minute timer with continuous setting and signal tone, the stepless temperature regulation from 80 °C to 230 °C as well as by the practical interior illumination of the oven chamber. And thanks to the detachable crumb tray and the non-stick coating, this attractive appliance is also very easy to clean.

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type BG 1550
Product Colour black
Power Output 230 V 1550 W
Item weight 8,61 kg
Dimensions 48,50 x 39,50 x 34,00 cm
Volume 30 litres
Type of heating upper heat, lower heat, upper/lower heat, and each mode optional with circulating air, defrost level
Special Features double-glazed oven door
EAN 4001797270207
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
Can I bake a standard frozen pizza in this oven?
Yes, with this oven it is possible to make a standard frozen pizza (diameter roughly 28cm). Can the oven be used without timer?
Yes, to do this, turn the lower rotary knob to the left to the manual setting “M”. The oven will then heat-up to the set temperature until switched off manually. What are the differences between this oven and "normal"/ average-sized baking ovens? Do temperatures and baking times given in recipes apply here as well or do they need to be altered?
The difference between this baking oven and a "normal" one lies in the oven chamber´s volume. Temperatures and baking times given in any recipe apply here as well without alteration necessary. Only the amount of food prepared might has to be adapted to fit the oven chamber´s size. One advantage of this oven is the noticeably shorter time needed for pre-heating. When setting up the oven do I have to maintain a certain distance to furniture etc. for safety reasons?
Always leave a ventilation distance of at least 4 cm between the oven´s backside as well as to the lateral sides and the wall/any furniture. Furthermore, there needs to be 1 m of free space above the appliance to ensure an unhindered air supply. The oven has to be placed on a heat-resistant, stable and even surface. Do not operate the oven on tablecloths or varnished surfaces. The rotisserie spit is rotating irregularly or not at all. What can I do?
Check if the rotisserie spit is overloaded or loaded unevenly, hindering a smooth rotation. It is important that the food is skewered in the middle of the spit and the fixing brackets grip the meat properly. Protruding parts like e. g. chicken wings must be tied to the roast. You will find further information on how to fix a roast properly in the instruction manual, which can be downloaded here on our website.  


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