Professional grinding for full flavour – especially gentle, equally perfect grinding result

  • shapely casing made of premium, especially noble glossy synthetic material
  • superior conical burr grinder made of stainless steel, removable for easy cleaning
  • individual setting of coarseness in 12 levels – from coarse to fine
  • quantity adjustment for up to 10 doses
  • detachable, transparent beans tank with flavour cover, capacity: 220 g
  • detachable powder container
  • separate on-off switch
  • convenient, simple and safe handling
  • integrated cord storage
  • Including: cleaning brush

This premium coffee grinder provides professionalism for demanding coffee and espresso lovers!


This superior coffee mill with shapely plastic casing ensures always perfect grinding results. The effective conical burr grinder made of stainless steel grinds your coffee and espresso beans in the gentlest way. Operation is very simple; the appliance can be put into operation quickly by means of the on/off switch. The coarseness is set in 12 levels from fine (mocha, espresso) to coarse as necessary and the powder quantity can be selected in up to 10 doses. The removable beans tank has a flavour cover preserving the beans. The powder container is removable, too and thus, the freshly ground coffee powder can be taken out easily. For cleaning, the grinding block can be dismantled and additionally, a cleaning brush helps maintaining. The handy storage for cord not in use tops the conveniently simple and safe handling of this first-rate appliance. This premium coffee mill offers a lot of professionalism for demanding coffee and espresso lovers!

Additional Information

Deliverytime immediately
Type EKM 300
Product Colour black/silver
Power Output 230 V 150 W
Item weight 1,68 kg
Dimensions 20,50 x 14,00 x 29,00 cm
Storage Capacity 220 g
Grinding setting individual setting of coarseness in 12 levels, from coarse to extra fine
Grinding gear superior conical burr grinder made of stainless steel
Special Features quantity adjustment for up to 10 doses, including: cleaning brush
EAN 4001797864000
Description type
Operation Manual pdf
Data Sheet pdf

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Here you will find a selection of suitable recipes:
The device in action - can be seen at:
My coffee mill does not start anymore. What can I do?
Clean the coffee mill and make sure to continue removing leftover coffee powder in the future to avoid hard to clean residues. Make sure the cover powder container are engaged properly. For safety reasons both parts feature pulse switches, which prevent the mill from starting unless all parts are properly engaged. How long does the coffee mill roughly need for grinding?
As a benchmark the coffee mill takes 7-9 seconds to grind powder for 2 cups. This means for 10 cups between 35 and 40 seconds are needed roughly.  ATTENTION: The grinder is designed for a max. continuous operating time of 2 minutes. If this time has been reached, the grinder has to cool down for at least 2 minutes before next usage. What coarseness is best for what coffee preparation method?
Coarse powder (setting 9 - 12) is best for hand-filtered coffee.
Medium powder (setting 5 - 8) is normally used with boiler espresso machines.
Fine powder (setting 3 - 4) is suitable for filter coffee makers or for automatic pump pressure espresso machines.
Extra-fine powder (setting 1-2) is recommended for manual mocha-making. Still which coarseness you pick for which preparation method is up to your own preferences. I cannot remove or place the grinding block back from/into the coffee mill. What can I do?
Make sure to turn the tank anticlockwise as far as it will go before removing the grinding block.  Observe positioning of the cones. More detailed instructions with pictures can be found in the instruction manual downloadable here on our homepage.


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